1. wolfang hello … how the work?

  2. Probably ready on tuesday!

  3. ok 😀 thanks

  4. My schedule for the next few months:

    Austria 49-50
    England 81-82
    France 49-50
    England 82-83
    Spain 49-50
    England 83-84
    Brazil 53

  5. thank you very much ……. you’re a great help available if you need it 🙂 good job

    • Hello Mirko

      I wonder if Mirko have any Line-Ups of matches of Intertoto Cup from the years 1961-1994?
      Mostly interested in former Yugoslavia and Poland and some other countries, mostly matches against Swedish opponents?

  6. Hello everyone …… who knows where I can get information / statistics on the Polish league? thanks


  8. Hello ………. Polish ….. great site that you feel you know sites with statistics for championships:
    Belgian (bsdb.be almost never works)
    Portuguese (apart dejogo.net)
    thanks and good job for your site 🙂 thanks again for everything!

  9. Czechoslovakia would be interesting (50s to 90s). But no information available!

  10. Too bad ….. but the others?hello wolfgang

  11. USSR – would be interesting but probably unrealistic as I can’t read Kyrillic
    Portugal – would be interesting!
    Romania/Bulgaria/Hungary – yes would be interesting (in the long run)
    Greece/Switzerland – I don’t care for these two!

  12. Thanks …… well I prefer the Swiss …… for the Bulgarian Cyrillic google translator ….. but I understand that it is tough …… I am looking for but I have not found anything seriously …… just something for the individual teams Yugoslav …… if you have news sites for these championships hello let me know …… thanks

  13. Swiss club football is too small and made no impact in European football.

    I am looking for Yugoslavian player’s “date of birth”. Information is scarce…

  14. It is hard …… but something for the red star OFK partizan dynamo zagreb is ……. even decades in the sixties ….. you roses / statistics Porto? (Portugal) 60 years onwards …….. hello wolfgang

  15. hello jacek know that site ….. but does not put caps and goals season to season ….. at least for 60 years …… thanks anyway 🙂 hello

  16. Thanks for the suggestions! It is easy getting player information for the big clubs but the smaller clubs are a problem.

  17. The port is a great club but I can not find a decent website ……: ( Do you know someone?

  18. you’re right jacek analyzing the best site there is something 🙂 thanks

  19. Iam looking for some one who could help me with Line-Ups of Intertoto Cup in former Yugoslavia and Poland. If someone have Line-ups from these countries. Iam only looking for Line-Ups between the years 1961-1994.


    27-07-1968 Arena: Stadion Szombierk
    Szombierki Bytom – Djurgårdens IF 3-1 (2-0)
    SB: Line-Ups missing
    DIF: Line-Ups missing
    Goals, SB: Jerzy Willim (18′), Willy Gummesson (19′ självmål), Bednarek (53′)
    Goals, DIF: Cleas Cronqvist (-)
    Referee: Radoslav Fiala (Tjeckoslovakien)
    Attendance: 5000

    15-07-1978 Arena:
    FK Sloboda Tuzla – IF Elfsborg 3-2 (2-1)
    FKST: Line-Up missing
    IFE: Line-Up missing
    Goals, ST:
    Goals, IFE: Christer Hellqvist (-), Tommy Berggren (-)
    Attendance: 2559

    27-06-1980 Arena: ,Krusevac
    FK Napredak Krusevac – IF Elfsborg 2-2 (1-0)
    FKNK: Line-Up missing
    IFE: Line-Up missing
    Goals, NK:
    Goals, IFE: Morgan Hansson (55′) (-)
    Referee: Dusan Maksimovic (Jugoslavien)
    Attendance: 2082

    • for Polish football consult wikiliga.pl there are formations of the season ….. for training yougoslave there are sites for the teams most famous ….

  20. when you think that work on the Yugoslavian championship?

  21. Not in the near future, I am sorry!

  22. yugoslavian liga 1962/63?

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