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    • Hopefully by the end of November! It took me longer this time because I am working on another project at the same time. From season 60-61 it will be go more quickly again.

  1. Number of own goals teams benefitted from:
    Burnley 1
    Wolves 2
    Spurs 3
    WBA 3
    Sheffield W. 0
    Bolton 2
    Man.Utd. 3
    Newcastle 3
    Preston 1
    Fulham 1
    Blackpool 0
    Leicester 1
    Arsenal 1
    West Ham 1
    Everton 2
    Man.City 2
    Blackburn 0
    Chelsea 2
    Birmingham 2
    Nottingham 2
    Leeds 0
    Luton 1

  2. Hello Wolfgang,
    Long time no… write 🙂

    Bolton:Raymond Parry is not depicted in the roster
    Preston: James Humes is not depicted in the roster
    Fulham: Robin Lawler is indicated as Joseph frederick in the roster
    Leicester: Ian King is indicated as John aitken in the roster
    Blackburn: Mattwews Woods is indicated as Maurice in the roster
    Birmingham: Peter Murphy is not indicated in the roster
    Fulham: Goals counted 73 plus one own goal= 74 but in the final table are indicated as 73.
    West Ham: Upon adding the goals i find the sum to be 2 less than total in the final table.
    Wolves: Upon adding the goals i find the sum to be 2 less than total in the final table.
    Week 5:Newcastle vs Preston, scores are wrong, maybe minutes too?
    Week 10: West Ham vs West Brom, actual score 4-1. Additionally in the table, Everton Has played 10 games
    week 12:Leeds vs Everton 3-3, scorer of 3-3 and min ute is omitted!
    week 14: Burnley vs Man City: 3-1 to 4-3, 4 goals in 4 minutes????!!!!!!
    Week 33: Leeds vs Birmingham, first goal of Billy Bremner for Leeds
    week 33: Everton vs Chelsea, goal of Chelsea is missing
    Week 42: final table, a striking fact, sixth Bolton scoring 59 and conceding 51 goals, seventh Man Utd, scoring 102 and conceding 80 goals. 2nd best attack but even Luton had a better defense than Man Utd.

    Fantastic season season for Burnley and a well gained championship, snatched right from the clasp of tottenham and Wolves!


    • Hi Tasos,

      excellent work again! Very appreciated! I am working rather slow at the moment regarding England but will pick up speed again soon. I will check the errors in due time!


    • Hi Tasos,
      finally got around correcting these mistakes.
      “Robin” Lawler – his actual name is Joseph Frederick Lawler. So the roster info is correct and now the “games and goals” info is also corrected to Joseph Lawler.

      It’s the same with John “Ian” Aitken King and Maurice “Matthews” Woods.

      Week 14: indeed, four goals scored in four minutes! (Burnley v Manchester C.)

      Fulham 74 goals v 73 goals: no own goal in their goal tally actually, wrong info I gave out.

      West Ham: I count 74 goals + 1 own goal, giving 75 as in the final table

      Wolves: I count 104 goals scored + 2 own goals, giving 106 as in the final table

    • What are you on about??? I am not doing this for you and I don’t care if it goes too slow for you. Do it yourself if you are so eager for this information. This is the last time I will reply to you. I am fed up with your bickering.

  3. Hi Wolfgang,

    The file #1 now does download as a PDF, much thanks and it’s a wonderful site you’ve built, helping so many statisticians with those annoying little gaps in their records.

    Thank you


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