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  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    First games and goals:

    Union: Is it Guido Zalamena or Pietro?
    Charleroi: Is it Demeutet or Demeuter?
    Anderlect: Francois Vander Eecht is not indicated in the roster and that’s why Appearances of
    Goalkeepers do not add up to 30?

    Antwerp: Appearances 331, one surplus
    Daring: When i add up the goals they turn to be 47, when in the final standing table Daring has 46.
    Charleroi: Appearances 331, one surplus. Additionally, goals seem not to be correct, i count 22 and in the final standing table they are 28. Six own goals?

    That’s all,

    • Hi Tasos,

      Union/Zalamena: it’s actually neither Guido nor Pietro …. but Paolo!
      Charleroi: it’s Demeuter
      Anderlecht: week 13 Richard Orlans played in goal (non-goalkeeper).

      Antwerp: Werner Deprez has 23 appearances (not 24)
      Daring: Gilbert De Brandt has 0 goals (instead of 1)
      R.Maertens has 23/0 (24/0)
      Max Carrié has 5/1 (5/0)
      Alan Carrié has 15/4 (15/0)
      (two own goals)

      I will correct the documents later this day.

      Thanks again!



  2. Hello Wolfgang,

    What about Francois Vander Eecht (Anderlecht)? He is not indicated in the roster although he is mentioned as having one appearance.


  3. Dear Wolfgang, thank you very much for your most exquisite collection of historical lineups.

    Belgium, 1962-39, Week 13, RSC Anderlecht v Daring Club de Bruxelles,
    confused me somewhat.

    As RSC goalkeeper “Orlans” (Richard Orlans ?) is reported. Richard Orlans was an offensive outfield player. I expected either Jean Trappeniers or Arpád Fázekas.

    Maybe, this warrants a second look. Best regards, Oliver.

    • Dear Oliver, thanks for the kind words! Apparently Richard Orlans was used as a goalkeeper in that specific game. I don’t remember the exact reasons but it might be that both regular goalkeepers were unavailable.

      Best regards


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