7 thoughts on “Season 1974-75”

  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    Cercle Brugge: I count 32 goals, at the final table depicted 37, 5 own goals?
    Standard: interesting fact the 4 goals by goalkeeper Piot.
    Winterslag: Appearances of goalkeepers do not add up. Someone missing?

    Week 9: Charleroi vs RWDM, 1-3 is not clear in which minute it was scored!
    Week 30: At the table for RWDM it is written 10 victories, it is actually 19!

    Fantastic season for RWDM, only 2 defeats in 38 games. Can’t do comparisons with other seasons because of the 20 teams but if you see the matches, RWDM emerged triumphant from almost all the big games!
    Their average attendance though was a bit less fantastic: 11.815 spectators with high the game with Anderlecht (obviously) 28.000

    Something more to note are the 28 goals of Riedl and 20 goals of Kodat for high flying Antwerp =
    48 out of 75 total (64%).



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