Season 1973-74

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Season Review


Weeks 01 – 10   (25.08.1973 – 06.10.1973)
Weeks 11 – 20   (13.10.1973 – 15.12.1973)
Weeks 21 – 30   (22.12.1973 – 23.02.1974)
Weeks 31 – 42   (26.02.1974 – 11.05.1974)

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4 thoughts on “Season 1973-74”

  1. Hello,

    Cross checked rosters and games and goals and i only found the following:
    Daniel Hegan of Wolves is indicated as having six appearances/zero goals. Although he is indicated as having left Wolves by November 1973 (to Sunderland), i don’t see him indicated in the actual roster. Additionally, on checking in Barry Hugman’s 1946-1984 players records, there it is indicated that he left Wolves in July.
    When you’ll have time, you can check it and solve the mystery…?


  2. Hi Tasos,

    I will definitely check that mystery! Generally, I am really grateful that you take the time to look for inconsistencies, that is very appreciated:



  3. Hi Tasos, indeed I omitted Hegan from the Wolves roster. I will add him tomorrow. About the month he left Wolves for Sunderland: Barry Hugman has corrected that date from July to November in the newest edition of his “Players Records” books which covers 1946 to 2005. Actually the transfer took place on 17 November 1973 (this info can be found in Rothmans).



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