1. It’s possible to have the historical lineups of the year 1976-77 1977-78 and 1978-79 of Yugoslavian Prva Liga.
    Thank You

  2. Hi Beniamino.

    Unfortunately there is no source available that has 1976-77 and 1977-78. Season 1978-79 is already uploaded!


  3. Hi, guys. Great work. I have many data about Yugoslav first league. There is no almanac for some season but, there is few newspapres where data can be found. Soon, site will be launched with complete statistics for Yugoslav First League, and not just that, also there will be tables to the last league in ranking (Municipal leagues) and emblems of clubs.

  4. Hello! That sounds fantastic! Please give us a link once that website is up.


  5. I forgoten to answer to Beniamino Dal Mas and to you Wolfgang there is almanacs for that seasons. But its tricky to find it. I have almanacs for 1974-75&1975-76 (thats one almanac) and for 1977-78.

  6. ello what are the sites for the championship Yugoslav N.Jakovljević? thanks

  7. Congratulations … 🙂 then expect good work!

    • @Mirko
      Sorry site is little bit late but it will be launched until the end of this month. I am working (programming and designing) all alone, so that is reason for delay. I gona post address of site when it goes up online! Cheers.
      Also I forgoten to say. It will be possible to contribute through comments on site so you are all welcome.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! I look all the time 🙂
    good job

  9. OK alerts when your website is ready
    good job

  10. Hi, guys! who knows the statistics (attendance and goal) of ‘OFK Belgrade from 1964 to 1969?


  12. hi,you have news on the Yugoslav football from 1964 to 1978? or you know, where can I look? thank you

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