Season 1964-65

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Weeks 01 – 14   (04.09.1964 – 20.12.1964)

Weeks 15 – 30  (23.12.1964 – 02.05.1965)

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  1. Well thanks !

  2. Hi Wolfgang ! THANKS !!! Very good work

  3. Hello Wolfgang,

    Anderlecht: The appearances do not add up to 330. They are 329.
    Beeringen: Zenon Ziembicki is not indicated in the rosters
    Berchem: Since when Edwin van der Eynde plays for the club?
    Diest: Heyligen and Meervis are not indicated in the roster
    Cercle Brugge: Is it Frank de Caluwe or Jacques?
    Tilleur: Is it Francis Joye or Joie?
    Standard: The goals add up to 43 and final standings have it as 50. 7 own goals?


    • Hello Tasos,

      many thanks for the research! I will have a look at this in the next few days.


    • Hi Tasos,

      Anderlecht: Konter has 5 games (not 4).
      Beeringen: Ziembicki is added
      Berchem: v.d.Eynde since 1962
      Diest: Heyligen and Meervis are added
      Cercle: it’s Jacques de Caluwé
      Tilleur: it’s Joie
      Standard: First, Jurkiewicz scored 1 goal (instead of 0), Semmeling 6 (5). Then on the very first matchday, the encounter between Standard and Cercle was ruled 5-0 to Standard (in October 1964 by the Belgian FA). The 3 goals scored by Pilot (2) and Claessen were apparently not counted, thus 5 “phantom” goals appear in the table, scored by no one (I can correct this only later in the day as I don’t have some of the documents here with me, have to get home first).

      Thanks for your keen observations! Much appreciated.



  4. Hello Wolfgang,
    One further point!
    Why Beeringen goalkeeper appearances add to 31?
    Somebody played as an outfield player?
    Regards, Tasos

    • Hi Tasos, I will tackle this as soon as I have finished England 1956-57 (which should be ready next week).



    • Hi Tasos,

      that was a mistake in my source as I just noticed. It indicated in appendix that Vleugels was in goal on week 28 vs. Standard and that Christiaens also played (the third goalkeeper). But looking at the data of the game, it was Christiaens in goal and no action by Vleugels. Thus Vleuges has 15/0 (not 16/0).


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