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    • That would be great! I have ordered 1983-84 today on ebay and will receive it abound 1 October, so that season will follow in a while, but 1972-73 and 1974-75 I don’t have.

  1. Hi Mirko,

    If you can help me to find cup game lineups/scorers for these 3 teams, my Italy research will be complete!

    Cagliari 1992-93 (5 games)
    Hellas Verona 1986-87 (7 games)
    Sampdoria 1987-88 (13 games)


  2. it would be great
    if you would publish serie A statistics each round
    the same as you have for coppa italia
    from original almanacco illustrato del calcio

  3. Hi my name is Giannis I’m from Greece and I must say that you are doing a very good job. I have found sites of the italian teams which they have details for seasons with lineups and scorers
    These are http://www.magliarossonera.it for AC Milan
    http://www.juworld.net for Juventus
    http://www.almanaccogialorosso.it for AS Roma
    http://www.archiviotoro.it for Torino
    http://www.fiorentinaweb.com for ACF Fiorentina
    http://www.storiainter.com/notes/statistiche.htm for Internazionale
    I hope that you will find the informations useful.


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