Season 1969-70

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Weeks 01 – 14    (06.09.1969 – 14.12.1969)

Weeks 15 – 30     (21.12.1969 – 26.04.1970)

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10 thoughts on “Season 1969-70”

    • Thanks guys! Please not that minor mistakes have been corrected since I uploaded it first a few days ago. As always, it takes a few days to spot minor mistakes. Now the corrected files are uploaded.

  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    1. I am a bit confused. There is Andre Radar (goalkeeper) playing for Union but there is also one appearance for RFC Liege for Andre Radar. He played for a match as goalkeeper. Do you know what transpired?
    2. Union, is it Julien Geldhof or Lucien?
    3. Week 16, minor typo error in Sk Beveren (not beverne)
    4. Week 23: Charleroi vs Standard de Liege (not Charleroi)
    5. Week 24: St. Truiden vs ARA, half time score 0-1 (not 1-0)
    6. Week 28:It’s St. Truiden vs Charleroi (not AS Oostende)

    And something truly, statistically, weird.
    L. Emmerich (major star of Dortmund previously, eh?) scored 29 goals out of 42 goals scored by the entire Beerschot squad. (69%)
    Beerschot had only 4 other scorers (3 goals each)!


    • Hi Tasos,

      I have inquired a Belgian football expert about André Radar. So either there were two players with the same name and both of them goalkeepers (very unlikely) or he was in fact loaned out for just one game to RFC. I noticed this dilemma back when I dealt with that season and found no answer. My guess is that he really was loaned out (not common in Belgium in those days).

      Yes Emmerich really exploded in his first Belgian season, remarkable efficiency. All the more remarkable that he struggled immensely the following season!

      I will address the other points a bit later.



    • Hi Tasos,

      1. as I have said I contacted a Belgian expert who has written marvellous books on Belgium football himself and he told me that Radar’s one appearance for RFC must be a mistake by the author of my source books, Dirk van Hemeledonck. He states that Jovan Curcic, the regular goalkeeper of RFC, played 30 games that season. So I will amend that accordingly.

      2. Julien Geldhof
      3. corrected
      4. corrected
      5. corrected
      6. corrected

      Btw I am aware that you cannot check the validity of the games/goals section anymore since substitutes were introduced in 1966. Thus I aim to re-check these stats myself in the future, but takes a while to do that. Be assured that it is not forgotten!

      Many thanks for another valuable error-search!


      • Exactly Wolfgang,
        I cannot check them.
        It would take too much time to do it because i had to check how many substitutes each team had in every game.
        What i want to do is to calculate average attendances, time-consuming project too but very interesting!
        Of course if you are aware that someone else has already done it, please notify me!


        • Hi Tasos,

          regarding Belgian average attendances I am not aware of any availability of that information but it might be available somewhere of which I don’t know!



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