3 thoughts on “Seasons 1961 to 1969”

  1. Truly fantastic info.
    I am looking for line-ups of my favorite team RSC Anderlecht as well as the line-ups of their opponent, referee and preferably also the trainers. Here I find a lot of information for which I thank you very much.
    But do you also have info from before 1960?
    Thank you
    Rudy Cochet, Belgium

    • Thanks for the kind words! It is always great to hear that the information is useful for some people! Thanks!
      Yes I do have season 1954-55 to 1958-59 and will upload them in the future but I do not know when exactly. First I intend to finish the English First Division 1960s and 1980s and then I plan to go back to Belgium 1950s.



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