Season 1969-70


Weeks 01 – 12  (10.08.1969 – 09.11.1969)

Weeks 13 – 22  (16.11.1969 – 26.02.1970)

Weeks 23 – 34  (08.03.1970 – 24.05.1970)

3 thoughts on “Season 1969-70”

  1. Difficult to say. There are three leagues which are a bit troublesome: Holland, Brazil and Yugoslavia. Holland is troublesome because there is not a single source (a book) but the info is scattered over old newspaper articles (now that voetbal site has taken the stats off). Brazil is troublesome because of the many ‘special signs’ Portuguese names have (it slows down fast typing) and because it does not have an overview of how many games and goals each player had in one season (thus I have to calculate this myself which takes some effort – esp. with lots of players sharing the same name). Yugoslavia is the same as Brazil in terms of ‘special signs’ in the names which slows down the typing down very much.

    My current schedule is: England 50-51 (might be ready in a week) to 54-55, then Belgium (62-63 to perhaps 64-65), and then I would like to go back to France 50-51.

  2. UNDERSTAND …. to voetbal perhaps in September remit attendance and networks for the Yugoslav team there are sites in the Serbian or Croatian to each team ….. some work difficult for Brazil …. I have no idea where to look. …. I wait for Belgium!
    Hello and thanks


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