Season 1978-79

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Weeks 01 – 16    (30.08.1978 – 10.12.1978)

Weeks 17 – 34    (15.12.1978 – 27.05.1979)

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4 thoughts on “Season 1978-79”

  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    Week 7: Winterslag vs. Sporting, C. Jacobs scored for 0-2 and Van Woerkum for 1-2.
    Week 11: Lierse vs. Standard, W. Wellens scored for 0-2.
    Do you know the previous clubs of Thordarsson of Louvieroise?

    Weeks 25, 26, 27. Club Brugge had a very bad season summed up in these three matches
    2-5 versus RFC Liege (away), 1-6 versus Lokeren (home)! and 0-3 versus Anderlecht (away).
    Additionally on week 27, Winterslag in halftime was ahead of Berchem but eventually lost 3-5!!!

    Checking on the defensive records of past years, Beveren always boasted a very good defensive record. It seems that all they needed was a goalscorer and they found him in E. Albert.
    Furthermore Goethals and Pauwels only used 17 players, with 3 of them having only one appearance. That leaves us with 14 players (9 and 13 appearances for two of them). Thus Beveren actually played with 12 players. Fantastic.



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