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  1. Hello,

    I have found the following:

    Barry Butlin was at Nottingham F. and he was transferred at August of 1977 to Peterborough. I can’t pinpoint the exact date but i think, regarding some sources that i have, that he was part of the team at the season’s beginning.


  2. Hi Wolfgang,

    another point just discovered:

    Ivan Golac is indicated as transferred at the club at November 1978. This contradicts with the roster of Southampton at 22/8/78. Perhaps the tranfer date is wrong.



  3. Hi Tasos, that was a mistake in Barry Hugman’s book where it was indicated that Golac joined Southampton in November 1978, but as you rightly pointed out he was already playing for them in August 1978. I will correct that error. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Wolfgang

    Thanks for the info on this site.

    A few possible errors for 1977-78

    17/12/1977 Only 10 players listed for Chelsea, I believe the missing No.11 was Walker
    21/1/1978 I think Sivell was the Ipswich Keeper, not Cooper
    11/3/1978 Powell was No.4 for Derby, not Rioch
    26/4/1978 Leicester v Chelsea. Attendance was 12,970 ?


    • Hi Roger,

      many thanks for having a look at the data. I am thankful for people like you and Tasos who check the information.

      17/12/1977 you mean the Chelsea v Norwich game? There are 11 players with Walker no. 11.
      14/01/1978 you are right, corrected!
      21/01/1978 you are right, it was Sivell in goal. I have corrected that.
      11/03/1978 you are right, Powell was no. 4. Corrected!
      26/04/1978 you are right, corrected!

  5. Wolfgan

    Thanks for the reply. It seems my copies of the files were out of date, that’s why I had no number 11 for17/12/1977.

    You are uploading new copies of the files as you are making amendments, would it be possible to show the date each file was uploaded, then we can see at a glance if our copies are the current ones.

    I know that just producing the data must take a considerable amount of your time, for which we are extremely grateful, but it would be a big help.

  6. Hi Roger,

    in this season, the latest changes made before you found the above errors were as follows:

    Weeks 01-10 (latest version dated back to 9 March 2013)
    Weeks 11-20 (latest version dated back to 15 September 2014)
    Weeks 21-30 (latest version dated back to 9 March 2013)
    Weeks 31-42(latest version dated back to 15 September 2014)


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