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  1. Hello Wolfgang.

    Antwerp: Is it Rudolf Boone or Bynoe?
    Daring: Alphonse Schaekel or Shaekels?
    La Gantoise: Polydoor van Hoecke or Paul? Henri van Ingelem or Hendrik van Ingelgem?
    Beerschot: Etienne Wouters or Julien?, Josef van aerdt or Aert?
    Cercle Br. : Etienne de Vijlder or Vylder?
    Thor: Jean Leroux or Richard?

    Daring: There are two players of Brugge in Games and goals, R. Van Gansbeke and E. de Vos
    Additionally, The appearances do not add up as they are 331 and not 330.
    Furthermore, Is there info for Francois Cauwenbergh, since when he plays for the club?
    Cercle Brugge: When you add up the goals, they turn to be 41 while in the final standing table The goals for are indicated as 39.
    Lierse: The appearances do not add up as they are 325, 5 less than 330!
    Beerschot: Is there info for Johnny van Hostauyen, since when he plays for the club?
    Charleroi: Hubert Lepere is depicted two times, as a midfielder and as an attacker!

    That’s all.
    Happy new Year,


    • Hi Tasos,

      Happy new Year to you as well!

      On to the questions:
      It’s Bynoe, not Boone.
      It’s Schaekels
      Polydoor or Paul? – difficult, as I have two sources with different info. I would guess that his name is actually Polydoor but that he went by the name Paul which sounds more regular. I will change it to Paul.
      It’s Julien Wouters
      It’s van Aerdt
      De Vylder or De Vijlder – actually both is correct. It’s a Dutch name of course and in Dutch (as written in the Netherlands) it would be De Vijlder. But the Dutch as written in Flanders tends to replace “ij” with a simple “y”. I have thus changed it to De Vylder.
      It’s Richard Leroux.

      van Gansbeke/de Vos – I have corrected that!

      Moyson has 28 appearances, not 29.

      Cauwenbergh: since 1960

      Hubert Lepère: corrected! (attacker)

      Thanks for your thorough proof-reading!


      Goals Cercle:
      Richard Orlans scored 2 goals, not 6.
      Now it adds up to 37 goals, which is correct, as two own goals were scored by opposition players.

      Jan Bevers has 10 appearances, not 5!

      van Hostauyen: since 1957

  2. Hi Wolfgang,
    Two tiny mistakes that i forgot in the previous comment:
    1. Week 3 Antwerp v. anderlecht at the scorers, it’s 1-2 van Gool, not 1-3.
    2.Week 6 Beerschot v. aalst, score of half time is 1-1?



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