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  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    No comments this season.
    Just some remarks about the league.
    I cannot understand why they made the clubs from sixteen (16) in 1973-74 to 20 in 1974-75 and then immediately reduced them again to 19 this season and to 18 the next one. Doesn’t make sense.
    Club Brugge was a much more attacking force compared to the other teams.
    Lokeren, Waregem and Beveren emerged as true contestants for the title.
    Racing Mechelen utilized 5 goalkeepers! No wonder they got relegated!

    • Hi Tasos,

      that was an annoying mess how they restructured their league set-up in the mid-1970s. Utterly insane way to do it. I remember reading newspaper reports from the time in my source where the clubs are complaining how the Belgian FA made a mess out of it.

  2. Hello Wolfgang,
    just a point: The attendance of Beerschot- Lierse is indicated as 40.000!
    Can you check it?


    • Hello Tasos,

      according to my source it was indeed 40,000. You can see the information in the 2nd Division chapter, have a look at 1975-76a and go to 8 November 1975, there you will find the figure of 40,000.

      I was surprised by that figure, too. But looking at a map it became clear that this was a local rivalry as Beerschot is part of Antwerp and Lier is a suburb of Antwerp!


      • Hello Wolfgang,

        Traditionally the big rivals of Beerschot are Antwerp so it would surprise me very much to see a larger figure of spectators at Beerschot – Lierse than in Beerschot – Antwerp.
        But here we are talking about the biggest attendance figure of the championship.
        I’m pretty sure that there is a mistake since the capacity of Beerschot’s stadium was at the time 25.000! You see the discrepancy.
        Anyway, i will add it as it is, in the Attendance matrix.


          • Hello,
            I would write it down as 4000 but then it would be the lowest attendance of Beerschot this year. So even this doesn’t feel correct.
            Anyway i put it in the matrix as 40.000 and that’s it!
            Maybe someone who was at the game can enlighten us but this extremely dificcult haha!


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