Season 1975-76

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Weeks 01 – 18   (16.08.1975 – 04.01.1976)

Weeks 19 – 36  (10.01.1976 – 16.05.1976)

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6 thoughts on “Season 1975-76”

  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    No comments this season.
    Just some remarks about the league.
    I cannot understand why they made the clubs from sixteen (16) in 1973-74 to 20 in 1974-75 and then immediately reduced them again to 19 this season and to 18 the next one. Doesn’t make sense.
    Club Brugge was a much more attacking force compared to the other teams.
    Lokeren, Waregem and Beveren emerged as true contestants for the title.
    Racing Mechelen utilized 5 goalkeepers! No wonder they got relegated!

    • Hi Tasos,

      that was an annoying mess how they restructured their league set-up in the mid-1970s. Utterly insane way to do it. I remember reading newspaper reports from the time in my source where the clubs are complaining how the Belgian FA made a mess out of it.


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