Season 1976-77

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Season Review


Weeks 01 – 10  (21.08.1976 – 23.10.1976)

Weeks 11 – 20  (26.10.1976 – 19.01.1977)

Weeks 21 – 30  (22.01.1977 – 26.03.1977)

Weeks 31 – 42  (02.04.1977 – 24.05.1977)

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10 thoughts on “Season 1976-77”

  1. Hello I see you’re wolfang By spreading out your work ……… fantastic: D ….. I have found many statistical season by season of first division from ‘1955 to 1969 …. I miss teams as Sunderland preston blackburn blackpool bolton fulham luton cardiff to know if what site I can find something? thanks and good work NB rothmans not put it all!

  2. Wolfgang!
    Great site!
    It has long dreamed of seeing something like that!
    I look forward to continuing the 1979-80 and beyond!
    And the Serie A!

  3. Igor, thank you very much! I am working currently on Serie A the 1960s (right now 1965-66). It is going relatively quickly and after I am finished with Serie A 1968-69 I will continue with 1979-80 English First Division.

  4. Hello

    found the following:
    Aston Villa
    John Findlay should have 7 appearances instead of 1.

    James Neighbour is indicated as having 31 appearances although in the transfer section you denote that he left Spurs 30/9/76.
    Obviously this can’t happen.
    Whenever you have the time, please examine it.




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