8 thoughts on “Season 1970-71”

  1. I have checked these listings against my ones that are taken from a prominent Yugoslav newspaper, and they do not match. I have not checked all matches but one example is there were two subs in week 3 in the partizan match, v sarajevo, according to these listings there was only one.
    there may be more differences, but it may be worthwhile matching them against what I have

  2. There are also some players missing in the stats page :
    – Nino Zec, OFK Beograd 32/9
    – Mahmut Kapidzić, Olimpija 17/0
    – Branko Herceg, Celik 31/1
    – Faruk Pašić, Sloboda 31/0
    – Dragoljub Pejović, Vojvodina 28/0

    but great job ! 😀

  3. Some that I have already checked :
    – Nino Zec, OFK : 31-1-9
    – Mahmut Kapidzic, Olimpija : 17-0-0
    – Faruk Pašić, Sloboda : 31-0-0

    not much of a help, but just 2 to go…


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