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  1. No I corrected some mistakes in the 1980-81 First Division stats. When I finished a season I upload it and then I go through the document once more. I read every line and then I find some errors which need correcting. I have done that now. Yugoslavia is almost finished, too. There’s a book on the Yugoslavian First Division which starts in 1978 so that’s my starting point, too. Yugoslavia was a tough task I have to say, so many special letter signs …. like this “Šurjak” or this “Maričić” … and the most complicated name I have encountered so far … dig this: “Stojiljković” 🙂

  2. understood ….. a great job ……. I see you want to do even the Austrian championship ……. at this point why do not you also one Belgian? maybe from 1959-1960?

  3. D great ….. the French championship is easily ……… compliments the others do not always look forward to …. and thanks;)

  4. Hello Wolfgang
    Ordinarily I wouldn’t have any comment for this season as i didn’t found anything in my normal line of examination.
    But it happened that i saw some days earlier, a documentary for the 1980-81 season of Man City focusing on Malcolm Allison-John Bond relationship (one sacked-the other appointed as manager).
    There it said that John Bond made 4 transfers and changed the momentum (i.e. Man City was at the bottom of the table when Allison was sacked).
    These 4 transfers have to be Hutchison, Gow, McDonald and Phil Boyer.
    Well, in another of these remarks about the accuracy of the tranfers’ date, i think that the date (September 1980) for both Hutchison and Gow could be wrong because Bond was appointed manager at 17/10/80. Can you investigate it?
    Additionally, when do you plan to continue on England’s first division further seasons? Just tell me me if you need any help.


  5. Hi Tasos,

    I have resumed working on the English First Division about 15 days ago, currently I am working on Teams 1981-82. When season 81-82 is finished I will continue with 1982-83.

    I will have a look at what Rothmans and Hugman offer regarding the Man.City transfers by John Bond. The date when he became manager of Man.City is taken from wikipedia, thus it is not sure what the exact mistake might be.



  6. Hi Tasos,

    that documentary was right. I just checked the appearances of Gow and Hutchison in September and October. Hutchison was still playing for Coventry by early October 1980 and Gow didn’t play at all in September. When he first started a game it was in October for Manchester City. I have corrected the transfer month of these two players.



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