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  1. Hi

    Im oing stats and found this page when checked some missing facts starting season 1969/70. You’ve made so many faults, have u just copied from Rothmans without checkig ur facts? Dont u even Count and see if the numbers are correct??? You’ve players in the total facts that didn’t even belong to the team that season, they came yhe season after.

    But Rothmans moved them to the new team in theior book earlier, but it says clearly the apperabces are for the former club. I Think u need to do everything all over again. So many faults…


  2. Hi Niclas, yes I know the first Rothmans season 1969-70 does have many mistakes. When I began with this about 2 years ago I was not familiar with Rothmans. Now I know their tricks and have tried to minimize errors in the following season. 1969-70 however remains a problematic season as I have not yet found the time to correct this. I would actually be grateful if someone would have a look at it and correc the data. I could send out the Word-Document per e-mail, how about that? Soif you or anybody reading this, please let me know if you want to contribute correcting any mistakes.

  3. Hi

    Just cross-checking rosters and final appearances and goals, i found these two items:

    There is no John Woodfield in Wolves roster. However there is a David Woodfield. Maybe he is the same one?

    There is no George Harris in Sunderland roster. There is a Gordon Harris but he is alreadt mentioned as having 39 app. and 7 goals


  4. Thanks! I will have a look into this the coming weekend. I vaguely remember that for one of the two Sunderland Harrises (George Harris I suppose) there was absolutely no information available (no D/O/B or previous clubs, nothing) so I left him out of the team roster.

    What I have planned in the near future is to check the team rosters of the first few English seasons thoroughly because when I started this I was not fully aware of the “tricky” way of the Rothmans books regarding team rosters and also “Player Records A to Z” by Barry Hugman which is my other main source.


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