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  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    Crossing Schaarbeek
    Romer Larsen is not indicated in the roster
    Week 13: RFC vs Lierse At 3-2 Dahl the minute of scoring is not clear
    Week 20: Racing White vs Union At 0-1 Larsen, a small typo error (missing panethesis)
    Week 29: Racing White vs Lierse, first goal of Koens should indicate that it is 1-1.

    Interesting fact in week 30, Mechelen vs Cercle, Mechelen equalized while playing with 9 players versus 11.
    Apart from FC Brugge who steered clear by 45 points, it was a very balanced champioship!


    • Hi Tasos,

      it’s great to see that you’re delving in the history of a foreign league like Belgium a little bit the way I do, too. I like these comments you make apart from the corrections. I guess about English league football you know your history and there’s no big surprises, same with me regarding German league history but with leagues like Belgium or any other foreign league it’s really different. The major incentive for me to cover leagues statistically is that to me most of it is basically all new even if it happened 40-50 years ago. Belgium is a classic example. Few people outside Belgium would have a clue about the season-by-season history of that league which makes delving into such a league’s history is really interesting.

      I will address your corrections in a few days!


  2. Hi Wolfgang,

    It’s the love of football and statistics talking in me!
    I love english football mostly because of the surprises and the dispersion of trophies to many clubs (at least until the emergence of premier league). In a championship as the one in Belgium, you don’t have the same surprises but still you always find something statistically weird. Ok, Anderlecht is something constant as a championship pursuer but you find other forces to reckon too.
    For example, i’m interested, as i am reading your statistics, in football clubs at Brussels. They tried to strive and survive while Anderlect had the majority of supporting! It’s not easy.
    You see that there was Union (brussels area if am not mistaken), Daring, Daring relegated, Racing White, Merger of Daring and Racing= RWDMolenbeek who became champions in 1975.
    I imagine what a blow it was to supporters of Anderlecht and what pride emitted at the supporters of RWDM. Ok, eventually Molenbeek dissolved but this championship will live on, won against great odds. At least that’s how i perceive it!
    Concluding, it’s always fantastic to delve into statistics, not forgetting the actual human stories behind them!


  3. Hi Wolfgang

    Great job !!!
    Still about Steen Rømer Larsen : D :
    I think he played for Union St. Gilloise in 72/73, not for Crossing Schaarbeek


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