Season 1967-68

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Weeks 01 – 14    (02.09.1967 – 07.01.1968)

Weeks 15 – 30    (21.01.1968 – 19.05.1968)

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9 thoughts on “Season 1967-68”

  1. Hello Wolfgang

    I am a little bit confused.
    Olympic Charleroi was relegated at 1967-68 season and Sporting Charleroi was promoted.
    But at the weeks of the current season you keep referring to them as Sporting Charleroi although the tables depict them as Olympic Charleroi.
    I guess that the correct name is Olympic.
    Did they play on the same ground?


  2. Hi Tasos,

    during that season 1967-68 they were both playing in the First Division using separate grounds. Olympic played in the Stade de la Neuville, Sporting in the Stade du Mambourg.



  3. Hello Wolfgang

    Let’s begin:
    Week 8 Antwerp vs Beeringen, Kasprzak made the score 1-2 and not 2-1 as depicted.
    Same week SK Beveren is indicated as SK Beven, a typo error
    Week 10 Olympic Charleroi vs Waregem, half time score is depicted 1-0 although the goal is indicated as scored on 80′
    Week 12 typo error on Ol. de Charleroi, last letter is missing
    Games and goals chapter.
    Standard: Is it Jacques Storme or James as indicated in the roster?
    Waregem: Is it P. Craeveveld or Craeyeveld as indicated in the roster?
    Sp. Charleroi: Is it Andre Bricmont or Athur as indicated in the roster?
    Antwerp: Is it August Wilmssens or Wilmssen as indicated in the roster?

    That’s all.
    Please check also next season where i have already sent some points.


    • Hi Tasos, thanks a lot for checking this season! I am currently in the final stages of England 1957-58 which I hope to have ready by next week then I’ll check Belgium 1967-68!



    • Hi Tasos (“Eagle-Eye”),

      finally got around checking this.

      I have corrected the obvious mistakes. Regarding the names, the roster in these cases is always the correct name. I have corrected that now.



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