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    • Thanks Kevin! This season took me a lot longer than I initially intended. While I do have date set for finishing 61-62, I will try to get it done in a shorter time. Maybe 2-3 months. Something like that.

  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    here we go:

    1. Everton Line-up, In the transfers, Billy Bingham is indicated as previously playing for Everton!

    2. Wolves: When i add up the appearances they come as 5 less. Additionally, there is no Leslie Cocker
    in the roster.

    3. week 16. Wolves vs Not. Forest, The score is 5-3 or 5-2? the scorers are up to 5-2.
    Also, West Ham vs. Arsenal, The score is 6-2 or 6-0? The scorers are up to 6-0.

    4. Week 17. At the table, Man City is mentioned two times, The one near the bottom is man utd.

    5.Week 28, Cardiff vs. Man City, Scorer of 3-3 Hayes on 50th minute?

    6. Week 40 At the table, Tottenham have 64 points!

    A fantastic season for Tottenham, 11 wins on a row at the start of the season, and 18-2-1 at the middle of the road.
    Very good season also for Shef Wed with the best defensive record of the division. In another season the could have won the title with this tally.
    A tremendous goalscoring season for Jimmy Greaves, a ticket to Campionato!



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