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  1. Thanks for all your efforts. The following is a list of Chelsea matches where your data doesn’t agree with other sources.

    19/08/1953 Man U v Chelsea Att: 28,936
    28/08/1953 Chelsea v Charlton Att: 49,245
    10/10/1953 Sheff Wed v Chelsea Att: 32,217
    24/10/1953 WBA v Chelsea Att: 32,254
    06/02/1954 Aston Villa v Chelsea Att: 29,452
    20/02/1954 Sunderland v Chelsea CR Thomson was Chelsea goalkeeper
    27/02/1954 Chelsea v Sheff W CR Thomson was Chelsea goalkeeper Blunstone was Chelsea No. 11

    • Hi Roger,

      many thanks for checking the Chelsea stats!

      19/08/1953 my source has an attendance of 30,759
      28/08/1953 your are right! (though my source lists this game played on 29/08/53)
      10/10/1953 my source has 32,214
      24/10/1953 my source has 35,254
      06/02/1954 my source has 20,625
      20/02/1954 you are right!
      27/02/1954 you are right!

      I have updated the documents already!

      Regarding attendances figures, this is what my source says: “Football League attendances are taken from the official ledgers, with permission of the Football League”.

      Could you tell me what your source is? I could then ask ENFA (Tony Brown) directly on the website whether these attendances are erroneous.

  2. Hello Wolfgang

    Here’s what i found

    1: Cardiff participations do not add up to 462. I find there are 2 participations plus.

    2: Liverpool participations are minus one. Perhaps the reason for this is that in the roster Harold jones is depicted two times, one having 25/6 and one at the end having 1/0. Maybe the second entry is for William Henry Jones.

    3: Portsmouth participations do not add up to 462, they are minus 5.

    4: Preston NE participations are minus 4. I don’t count John Robert Watson because there is no such player in the roster. But the problem is solved if these four participations are actually attributed to John Robert Wilson.

    5: Tottenham participations do not add up to 462, they are minus 7.

    6: There is no Malcolm Clews in Wolves roster although is depicted as transferred to Lincoln on 1st February.

    7: Tiny mistake on week one Burnley-Wolves attendance (328,22)

    Would you be interested on attendances averages of every venue-stadium or do you already have this information? It would be interesting to see such a thing although i know that many times the numbers were not exact or real.

    Merry Christmas


    • Hi Tasos,

      1) Cardiff: Ken Hollyman had 2 appearances (instead of 4).
      2) Liverpool: 25/6 is indeed William Henry Jones, not Harold Jones. Harold Jones is 1/0.
      3) Portsmouth: the missing 5 participations are Norman Uprichard 2/0, Charles Mortimore 1/0, John Davies 1/0, Martin Reagan 1/0. [Portsmouth fielded so many players that season that my source couldn’t fit all of them in the sheet and I overlooked the asterisk at the bottom of the page).
      4) Preston NE: yes indeed, it should have been John Robert Wilson, not Watson!
      5) Tottenham: I did overlook George Hutchinson (5/1) and Derek King (2/0).
      6) Wolves: Malcolm “Maxie” Clews should have been part of the goalkeepers section … he joined Wolves already on 1 March 1948! I will add him now to all Wolves rosters since 1949-50.
      7) corrected!

      Thanks again for this thorough examination!

      Best regards


  3. Thanks Tasos and all the others that are helping me keeping the data on this website correct! I will check the points you have found in a few days.

    But now … Merry Christmas!


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