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  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    A much more thorough examination this time had the following results:

    1. Newcastle roster: Ian Baird was loaned from Southampton, not signed by Newcastle.

    2. Not. Forest roster: Is Courtney Huw Fairclough the same with Christopher Fairclough in appearances and goals?

    3. Southampton roster: Is David Wallace the same with Daniel Wallace in appearancea and goals?

    4. Week 10: Stoke-Southampton the scorer of 1-3 is missing.

    5. Week 13:Norwich-Shef Wed: the goals are wrong, it’s 1-0,2-0,2-1.

    6. Week 31: Shef Wed-newcastle: the half-time score is wrong, it’s actually 2-1.

    7. Week 36: Liverpool-Newcastle 3-1: The scorer of Newcastle is missing.

    8. Stoke games and goals: Alan Dodd 16/0 is missing from the roster.


    • Hi,I’m an Italian collector….I’m looking for Greece under 21 national team lineups from 1980 to 1989…could you help me in someway?

      Thanks bye Francesco

  2. Hi Tasos,

    that examination was really thorough, even for your high standards! I have checked and corrected all the errors and will update the new documents tomorrow.

    Regarding the questions, indeed, Courtney Huw and Christopher Fairclough as well as David and Daniel Wallace are the same players. Courtney and David are these two players’ real names, yet they were known as Chris and Danny. I was fooled by that, I always intend to use the real given names.

    Many thanks for your valuable help!




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