1. Hi,I’m an Italian football collector…..I appreciated your website,well done,great!!!! I only ask you if you will plan to add also the players’positions on the field to the team’s rosters….bye Francesco

  2. Hi Francesco,
    thanks for your appreciation! The teams rosters will stay the way they are now.
    To make sure I understand you correctly. You would suggest I should add the position together with the statistical data of a player? For example like this:

    Burgnich, Tarcisio (b. 25.04.1939), 1 A, *1962, formerly US Palermo, Juventus FC, Udine AC (FULL BACK)
    Guarneri, Aristide (b. 07.03.1938), 6 A, *1958, formerly AC Como, AC Codogno (STOPPER)
    Facchetti, Giacinto (b. 18.07.1942), 7 A, *1960, formerly CS Trevigliese (FULL BACK)
    Malatrasi, Saul (b. 17.02.1938), *1964, formerly AS Roma, AC Fiorentina, SPAL Ferrara, Castelmassa, SPAL Ferrara, Calto (LIBERO, MEDIANO)
    Picchi, Armando (b. 20.06.1935), *1960, formerly SPAL Ferrara, US Livorno, San Frediano (LIBERO)
    Landini, Spartaco (b. 31.01.1944), *1963, formerly AC Sangiovannese (STOPPER)

    Like this?

  3. Hello,
    nice site.
    Currently i’m working on seasons 1972-73 and 1977-78 of english first division. In my point of view, one thing that is missing is the position of the player at the transfers log.
    For example, the roster of each team is divided into GK,DF,MF and Forwards but in the transfers you don’t separate them into relevant categories.
    Additionally i combine the rosters of the teams with the final appearances and goals of the season and i have noticed some discrepancies. This is an ongoing job, so if you wish, when i’m finished for a certain season, i can send you whatever i will find.


  4. Hello,

    thank you very much for your feedback. That is a good suggestion adding the positions on the transfer log. The reason why they are not separated into positions is that I want to show the transfer in chronological order, but I could add the position in brackets. Currently I am not working on the English First Division, I will probably get back to working on it in a few months, hopefully I will not have forgotten this suggestion by then! I would be very pleased if you would send me your notices on discrepancies when you have finished a season. Thank you very much!

  5. hello wolfgang where are you working? English first division? where you can find statistics for sao paulo fc 60s? thanks and good work

  6. I’m sorry I meant flamengo

  7. Hi Mirko, I am still working on Campeonato Paulista 1953-54.

  8. good 🙂 but you know something about flamenco? thank you good evening

  9. found on flamengo thanks 🙂

    • Você pode entrar no site da Biblioteca Nacional do Brasil. Em seguida vá na Hemeroteca. Você pode acessar o Jornal do Brasil; Jornal dos Sports ; Revista do Esporte e pode ter acesso a escalações do Flamengo em todos os tempos. O site é gratuito.

  10. when work on the Argentine championship since 1960? thanks

  11. Argentina since 1931 soon!

  12. 😀
    know sites with statistics Penarol and Nacional? from 1960 onwards

  13. Nothing on Uruguay so far.

  14. 🙁 sin …. I look forward to the Argentine championship …… 🙂 good job

  15. Hi Wolfgang,

    It’s dor02 from BigSoccer. Great work as always! Can’t wait until it is complete.


  16. Hi Vito, pleasant surprise! Thanks a lot!


  17. know sites with formations of the cup libertadores? from 1963 to today

  18. Ciao Wolfang

    I’m italian football collector…
    for a lover of the old football like me … your site is great ….
    Well done
    I connect every day to see and satisfy my thirst for old football … thanks


  19. Ciao Giorgio

    thank you very much for your kind words!


  20. Iam looking for some one who could help me with Line-Ups of Intertoto Cup in former Yugoslavia and Poland. If someone have Line-ups from these countries. Iam only looking for Line-Ups between the years 1961-1994.


    27-07-1968 Arena: Stadion Szombierk
    Szombierki Bytom – Djurgårdens IF 3-1 (2-0)
    SB: Line-Ups missing
    DIF: Line-Ups missing
    Goals, SB: Jerzy Willim (18′), Willy Gummesson (19′ självmål), Bednarek (53′)
    Goals, DIF: Cleas Cronqvist (-)
    Referee: Radoslav Fiala (Tjeckoslovakien)
    Attendance: 5000

    15-07-1978 Arena:
    FK Sloboda Tuzla – IF Elfsborg 3-2 (2-1)
    FKST: Line-Up missing
    IFE: Line-Up missing
    Goals, ST:
    Goals, IFE: Christer Hellqvist (-), Tommy Berggren (-)
    Attendance: 2559

    27-06-1980 Arena: ,Krusevac
    FK Napredak Krusevac – IF Elfsborg 2-2 (1-0)
    FKNK: Line-Up missing
    IFE: Line-Up missing
    Goals, NK:
    Goals, IFE: Morgan Hansson (55′) (-)
    Referee: Dusan Maksimovic (Jugoslavien)
    Attendance: 2082

  21. Hi Örjan, here are the matches involving Polish teams. I see that you have already found all matchdata except for the first, but never mind:

    http://s23.postimg.org/v6nvajsbv/int1.jpg (Szombierki)
    http://s23.postimg.org/4bif9e0q3/int2.jpg (Zagłębie-Djurgarden)
    http://s23.postimg.org/lq2nhnxuz/int3.jpg (Zagłębie-Örebro)
    http://s23.postimg.org/ph7mq8m5n/int4.jpg (ROW)
    http://s23.postimg.org/74bmtf12j/int5.jpg (Pogoń)

    • Hej Silvermane, do you have the polish goalscorer of Næstved IF-Pogon 1-1 (17 th july 1976)?

    • Hello Silvermane
      Thanks! I noticed not your answers until today.
      I forgot to look for answers here when Wolfgang
      said i would ask for requests under “inquires”.

      One more if Silvermane have anything on these match?
      28-06-1975 Arena: Råsunda Stadion
      AIK – KS Polonia Bytom 0-2 (0-0)
      Hopefully both teams lineups or as many players mentioned
      as possible.
      Thanks again, Silvermane.

  22. Hej Silvermane, do you have the polish goalscorer of Næstved IF-Pogon 1-1 (17 th july 1976)?

  23. Hi guys know a website equals playerhistory? now it is out of order

  24. HELLO GUYS, those of you who know a website or has the presence of jednota trencin 1964-1969?

  25. o site http://www.foradejogo.net. Fornece formações da liga portuguesa de futebol. Se algum brasileiro ou simpatizante de futebol de qualquer local, quiser trocar informações sobre esses sites, estou disposto. Gostaria de dicas de sites, ou jornais da época, que forneçam fichas das ligas da Bulgária, Iugoslavia, Tchecoslovaquia, em especial periodo de 1962. agradeço.

  26. o site wikiliga.pl. fornece formações da liga da Polônia.

  27. sorry. wikiliga.pl

  28. Foradejogo good site ! I know !

  29. Eu não consigo entender o site da Checoslováquia .. … mas onde posso encontrar a presença e redes? ou formações? você tem algo sobre o Penarol e Montevidéu nacional? para equipes Jugoslava há presenças e redes

  30. For Portuguese football even zero zero is a great site!

  31. you’re docronaldo? 🙂

  32. Docronaldo donde estas?

  33. HI wolfgang ! what do you think to enter the USSR championships (formations) turkey (formations) and Swedish (only appearances and goals)?

  34. hello is there anyone who has appearances and goals of anderlecht 1959-1960? thanks

  35. Have you news penarol?

  36. we hope in some South American guy ……

  37. you have the statistics of gremio and athletic mineiro only municipal championships! gaucho and mineiro

  38. Hi Wolf! Great work! Top!Do you think to continue the French Premiere Division? Thank you!

    • Thanks Andrea! I will continue French First Division surely. It is actually one of my favorite leagues of the 1970s and 80s with many famous players. Of course also the 1950s with Kopa, Piantoni, Fontaine, Vincent etc. Right now I have put it on hold because the information of French lineups is already available on another site (see links) and I have a feeling people are more interested in leagues which are not yet available, like Belgium, which I am working on right now. But I will surely work on the French league again!

  39. Thanks Wolfgang! For members interested to national teams I raccomand this website
    All matches with full lineups of european national teams!

  40. http://www.lfchistory.net great Liverpool website with full lineups for all match and full statistics. Included goal scored minutes!

  41. those who know this site? soccerbase.gr

  42. HELLO ! I try appearances and goals of union st Gilloise 1959-1960! who can help me?thanks

  43. Hello!
    Who can help the championship of Switzerland 1955-56 year?
    Regards, Yuri

  44. HELLO WOLFGANG, when you plan to enter the Austrian staaliga 1954-1965?

  45. Hi,i search caps and goals PSV 1954-55 and 1955-56….elvoetbal is closed….:( ! can you help me? thanks

  46. Quando ci sarà la cup belgio dal 1963 al 1969 Grazie saluti.

  47. Wolfgang, will there be as for Bayern Munchen also the statistics of other German clubs from 1920-1945? Congratulations for the excellent work you do.

    • Thanks! I want to add other major German clubs for 1920 to 1945 but I have to locate proper sources for that. Soon I will have a look at 1930s “Kicker” magazines to see if they have regular lineups for Gauliga games. If so, I will scan them and upload them.

  48. Congratulations for your site! Do you intend to encode the belgian championship for the 80’s?

  49. Hello Wolfgang,

    massive thank you for the Gauliga data. But you made a mistake: 27.11.1938 has the same content as 20.11.1938. Could you take a look at that? The (correct) data from 27.11.1938 is the one I’m searching for…

    • Hi Chris, thanks for finding this mistake! I have corrected it now.

      • Thanks! Do you also have the articles for the seasons 33/34 – 36/37? And if yes, will you upload them soon?

        • Unfortunately Kicker’s coverage of the Gauliga did not feature lineups for those years. They only started that in 1937-38. For 1933 to 1937 only lineups of the some big clubs are available. 1933-34 is available for some of these clubs, but I am not yet sure when I will resume working on the Gauliga information.

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