Season 1966-67

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Weeks 01 – 14  (04.09.1966 – 18.12.1966)

Weeks 15 – 30  (08.01.1967 – 07.05.1967)

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8 thoughts on “Season 1966-67”

  1. In two seasons (65-66 and 66-67) was extra information about who were the coaches end when they left, you found the exact date. I am desperately looking for the other seasons, where I can find this information. For me it is extremely important. Please tell me where to find.

    • That extra information is available for all seasons if I remember correctly. The date marks the first game a new coach was in charge. The information is taken from the yearbooks compiled by Dirk van Hemeledonck. The yearbooks are indicating the first game with a new coach in charge. Which seasons do you think lack this information? I will then have a look and add that information if I forgot to.

  2. Hello Wolfgang,

    beginning with games and goals
    Waregem: Is it William Snyers or William Seyns as it is indicated in the roster?
    Daring: Is it Francis van Craenenbroeck or Jacques?
    Malin: Is it Willy De Cleyn or Jan?

    Anderlecht: By adding the goals i find 64, but at the end table they are indicated as 63.
    Beeringen: By adding the goals i find 53, but at the end table they are indicated as 43.

    Week 17:RFC versus Lierse the half time score is 1-0?
    Week 29: Racing White versus Antwerp (not Beerschot)


    • Hi Tasos,

      Waregem: the roster is correct, it is William Seyns.
      Daring: It is Francis
      Malin: conflicting information from two sources I use. The written source that it is Willy De Cleyn, the Belgian soccer history website says it is Jan De Cleyn. I will go with the written source (Willy)
      Anderlecht: Wilfried Puis has 27/3 (not 27/4).
      Beeringen: Walter Snyers has 23/1 (not 23/11).
      Week 17: half-time score is indeed 1-0
      Week 29: corrected!

      Thanks again for your research!




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