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Bundesliga Player Guide 1963-2023

English Player Guide 1949-1989

Belgian Player Guide 1954-1989

Austrian Player Guide 1949-59

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This section will feature season-by-season games/goals statistics (league football) for players from the following countries:

Argentina * Austria * Belgium * Brazil * Chile * Czechoslovakia * East Germany * England * France * Germany * Hungary * Italy

Japan * Mexico * Netherlands * *Norway * Poland * Portugal * Romania * Scotland * Soviet Union * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland



9 thoughts on “Player Records”

      • Thank you very much for the first part, it’s a pity that the other 2 are not done, I’m just collecting information about players who have scored 50 or more goals in the national championships, so your first part helps me a lot!!! What you have done is a colossal work, I would like to ask you how long to wait for 2 other parts !! Maybe there is already something, albeit incomplete, it just helps a lot to find players, as you can see how many they scored in the major leagues, I have collected almost everyone from South America and the world, but the work is still going on !! Here in the current form in Excel, I am from Russia therefore translating into Russian, there is a column of balls for the national team and European cups and the Libertadores Cubol!!


        Lawrie Reilly Lawrie Reilly 1945-1957 253 185 Hibernian 22 1 Scotland

        • Hi Thanks! Yes indeed I do have begun work on the rest of the players but of course it is incomplete and mistakes are not yet corrected. I will send those lists using your e-mail address which I see in the backend of my website. Wait a minute

          • Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I don’t know how to thank you, we’ll wait for the full version of the files later, you’re doing a huge job !!! I’ve noticed a long time ago why there is no complete player base for the championships, so that by years, for example, 1940 is all sotsavas and who played and scored in countries, I still can’t understand this, everything seems to be there, and at the same time nothing is integral !!! As soon as I finish my work, I will send you the first by mail !!! I have a lot of literature on football, also a lot of websites on championships, I think many of you know yourself!!!! But if you need to share everything I know myself!!!

    • I got everything, thank you, I see what else to work and work, if the first part is 1336 pages, then there are 126 and 170 2 and 3 parts, which means many more will have to be added !!! I’m sending my file by mail, I sort of collected who scored in the satam championships, and championships, suddenly something interesting will be for you, and that file is big there, I’m still doing it, thanks to you everything will be easier to do !!! There are European cups and the Libertatores Cup, and goals for the national team, of course it’s difficult to collect everyone, mainly the countries of Europe and South America, but I have a gap in South America, there is no information about many championships, for example Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, Peru, Colombia etc

  1. Hallo!!!

    Interesting files!!!!

    When the two other parts is publishing???
    It must take a long time to write over 1 000 pages.

    • Thanks Stefan! I can’t tell you when the next parts will be finished, I am currently not working on them but on regular league lineups. Indeed it takes a lot of time researching it, that’s why I am currently pausing. Cheers


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