1. Any chance of posting lineups from the 1970-71 Rothmans? I own all volumes except this one, which is quite expensive on ebay (upwards of 50 pounds).

  2. great Wolfgang, many thanks for these important documents

    go on as long as you can,please

  3. I think Aston Villa is forgotten, this club was promoted to First division season 74-75.

  4. When the seasons 70-71, 71-72 and 72-73 are coming???

  5. New links to the season, I guess the work was hurry.

  6. I uploaded it as word document because as PDF it would lose picture quality.

  7. I know about the problem with Rothmans yearbooks and some pages are loss.

  8. this site is great but the format of 70/71
    is dreadful
    can’t read almost nothing

  9. I repeat my question.

    When the seasons 71-72, 72-73, 73-74, 80-81 and 81-82 are coming.

    Just curious only!!!

    S L

    • I don’t know it yet …. scanning takes some time and I have to go to library to use their high-tech scanner. But at the moment I have no time due to work commitments. June-July are traditionally my busiest months workwise. But I will try to upload it as soon as time permits, but I can’t say when that is. Maybe when there’s a rainy weekend then I could spend some time in the library.

    • 1971-72, 1972-73 and 1973-74 have been added!

  10. I will repeat these seasons above, When they are publish??,

    From a curiuos Swedish man.

  11. Sometimes I feel as if you had paid me for something and I take too much time giving you something in return.

  12. I will be in the library for scanning this Saturday. Perhaps I will get to scan some of these seasons there but it is not safe yet.

  13. Any more updates for more seasons?

    • Well eventually yes. I may do it in the near future (the problem is that my Rothman for the early 1980s are falling apart and it is hard to scan them properly, but I will try it).

  14. Maybe It is more time to update when every league is postpone, to have something to do I suppose.

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