Season 1949-50


Weeks 01 – 12  (21.08.1949 – 20.11.1949)

Weeks 13 – 22  (27.11.1949 – 16.02.1950)

Weeks 23 – 34  (19.02.1950 – 21.05.1950)

Lineups for this season are 3-2-5

(right back, center half, left back – right half, left half – outside right, inside right, center forward, inside left, outside left)

5 thoughts on “Season 1949-50”

  1. Hello Wolfgang,
    Checked premiere division too and here is what i found

    Montpellierain: One appearance is missing, probably a goalkeeper. Maybe is Piere Chayrigues who is missing from the roster.
    Saint-Etienne: One of the goalkeepers was used in another position? Because the goalkeeper appearances add to 35.

    Week 5: 55 goals were scored in 9 matches!!!
    Week 6: Racing Paris vs Marseille, first half score is 2-0

    Bordeaux:Is it Jean Swiatek or Janek?
    Marseille: Is it Abderrahman Mahjoub or Mohammed?
    Strasbourg: Is it Johann Hoffmann or Gabriel?, Alfonso Cisneros or Randolfo?
    Lens: Paul Kryske or Pawel? A Polish name turned into French?
    I’m certain that as far as it corncerns the names of the players the research is very difficult.
    We should not forget that this is just 4 years after the end of world war II.



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