Season 1960-61


Weeks 01 – 12  (25.09.1960 – 25.12.1960)

Weeks 13 – 22  (01.01.1961 – 05.03.1961)

Weeks 23 – 34  (12.03.1961 – 04.06.1961)

Players with most Games and Goals (1929-30 to 1960-61)


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  1. Where did you get the games and goals for 1929-30 to 1960-61. Very interested in getting appearances for before the War for Italian League.

  2. All Serie A appearances can be found in the book “Anagrage del Calcio Italiano 2006” by Rino Tommasi.

    And complete Serie A lineups can be found here:

  3. Anagrafe not Anagrage, sorry

  4. Thanks I will take a look, and will order the book 🙂

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