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  2. As you might have noticed, I am taking a little break at the moment. But I will finish this season probably by mid-March. Then I will start with England 1949-50 and afterwards will be back working at Belgium the 1960s.

  3. Hello Wolfgang,

    It seems a rather big break.
    I’m anxious about England 1949-50.
    Will you continue for all the decade on English football or you’ll work on Belgium immediately after?


    • Well I do feel bad about this! I know that you are anxious about England 49-50 …. I did work on something else in the last 2 months which I will also upload on this website soon (it’s a look at Kicker magazine’s “ranking of German football” from 1955 to 2015 ). I will start with England 49-50 “Teams” tomorrow and hopefully I will have it ready in about 10 or so days. I plan to work on England up to 1954-55 and then start working on Belgium.


  4. Hello Wolfgang,

    I’m working currently on England League players’ records from 1888 to 1939, a project that will take a long time to be concluded but i guess that the results will be interesting.
    Are you interested in uploading these information to your site?
    Mind you, i won’t have any results near soon but have it in mind.
    Additionally i have done work on the top-5 of English football until 1992 and the advent of premier league. Tell me if you’re interested so i can write it in electronic format (Currently it’s on paper(s)).


  5. Hi Tasos,

    that sounds good. I would definitely be interested in uploading that to my website!

    Teams 1949-50 are almost ready, I will probably upload it tomorrow.


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