6 thoughts on “Season 1981-82”

  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    My customary examination yielded the following:

    1. Frank Worhington was transferred from Birmingham to Leeds, he is indicated in the transfer section of Leeds but not in Birmingham’s one.

    2. Date of birth of N. Whiteside is obviously wrong.

    3. I just noticed that first game of Swansea against Leeds is shown as having taken place at Elland Road but i think it was at Vetch Field. Just note that i didn’t make an examination of that kind, it just happened that i saw it.

    4. At games and goals section of Tottenham there is a certain Ian Crook with 4 appearances but there is no information about him at the relevant roster of the team.

    5. At Middlesbrough games and goals, Ian Bailey is indicated two times with different numbers (26/1, 11/1).


  2. Hi Tasos,

    thanks for checking this! Your contributions are of high value to me.

    I will correct no. 1, 2, 3 soon.

    Nr. 4 have a look again Ian Crook is in the lineup of Tottenham already.

    Nr. 5 the correct number for Ian Bailey is 26/1 – will soon be corrected.




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