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  1. Please check the list of goalscores for Preston in part 3, page 4, season 1956-57. If I understand the table right had Preston scored 37 goals. But according to the goal-scorerslist Tommy Thompson and Tom Finney are the only scorers for Preston meanwhile I had noticed also other scorers in that season for the club.

  2. Hello Wolfgang,

    Games and goals
    Tottenham: Dennis Wilshaw depicted is not part of Tootenham’s roster, he was a player of Wolves
    Blackpool: Is it Edward Shimwell or Edmund?
    Sheff Wed: Alan Hinchcliffe is not depicted in the roster and therefore the total appearances do not add up to 462.

    Bolton: the appearances do not add up, there are 5 less.
    Shef Wed: 2 appearances less, probabbly Hinchcliffe (see above).
    Sunderland: 1 appearance less

    Week 5: Sunderland vs Charlton, no Charlton scorer is indicated
    Wolves vs Everton, no Everton scorer is indicated.


    • Hi Tasos,

      Wilshaw: corrected
      It’s Edmund Shimwell
      Hinchcliffe: now added
      Bolton: I might have corrected this already a while ago (but I don’t remember) because when I add it up it gives 462.
      Wednesday: same as above, it adds up to 462.
      Sunderland: I forgot John Maltby (1/0)
      Week 5: Hewie scored Charlton’s goal
      Week 5: Kirby scored Everton’s goal

      Many thanks for another thorough research!



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