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    • good ! I’m italian, from Rome ! you have something of cDNA sofia lokomotiv plovdiv Slavia Sofia panathinaikos Penarol shamrock rovers linfield jednota trencin 60 years … but I have something already complete them is difficult 🙁

    • seen this site but maybe I find tabellini of dukla praha and jednota trencin 1960-1969 is me that I can not! thanks jacek

  1. Hello Wolfgang,
    Here we go:

    Cercle: Bailliu Is not indicated in the rosters
    Anderlecht: 2 appearances surplus
    Beerschot: 15 appearances less than 330.
    Beeringen: 1 appearance surplus
    Berchem: 1 appearance surplus, additionally do you know since when Edwin Van den Eynde plays for the club?
    Daring: 1 appearance less than 330
    Racing White: do you know since when F. Bartholomeus plays for the club?
    RFC liege: One appearance less and the goalkeeper appearances are 29. Maybe some connection?
    Malin: Goals add up to 34 but in the final standing it is 33.
    St. truident: 1 appearance surplus
    Week 5: ARA V FC Brugge 2-4 Kasongo. is it on 48 min? Maybe there is a mistake there.
    Week 16: St. Truident v Cercle it is shown that Nilis scored at the sixth minute but the half time score is 0-0.
    Week 21: Lierse v Cercle Half time score is 3-0 or 4-0?

    And finally one remark. I see that contrary to what i have witnessed in relevant English projects you do not put the matches with their actual dates. You put them in the proper week even if the matches have been postponed. Thus, the standing tables of every “week” are not accurate though.
    Would you care to elaborate why you do it this way? When in the same case in England you indicate them otherwise.


    • Hi Tasos,

      let me address your last remark first:
      On the continent, league scheduling is generally set-up quite differently to how it is done in England. League football on the continent as a general rule is scheduled in a way so that all clubs in a Division play on the same day (or the same weekend). So there’s always, say, 9 games on a Saturday (or Sunday). It’s always like that. It is a rarity that a club is not playing when all other clubs are playing. This means that the table after each weekend shows the same number of games for all clubs. Only in rare occasions (due to heavy weather or something else) will games be postponed. Because continental football fans are used to the tables being “in order”, I have decided to include postponed games in the statistics of the weekend they were usually scheduled in. This is also making sense because postponed games are usually played not on weekends but during the week. In England, of course, the situation is quite different as there does not seem to be a schedule that tries to fit all clubs’ games into a weekend but it is more a happy-go-lucky approach with games played here and there and in between.

      • What you say is essential correct. I just point out that the ongoing tables at the end of the week are not in “real time”. They are not what a contemporary football fan would see!
        Anyway it is a very minor point.
        Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Tasos,

      thanks again for this thorough research! Very valuable!

      To the points:
      Bailliu is now added
      Anderlecht: Devrindt has played 2 games (not 4)
      Beerschot: I overlooked Marcel Hermans who is now included (15/2)
      Beeringen: Guido Mallants has 16 (not 17 games)
      Berchem: Lippevelt has 17 (not 18)
      Berchem: van den Eynde played there since 1962
      Daring: Bauweraerts 26 (not 25)
      Racing White: Bartholomeus played there since 1959 (perhaps even earlier but I have not found data going beyond 1959)
      RFC: Onclin has 16 (not 15) and goalkeeper Coulonval has 3 (not 2)
      Malin: they scored 35 goals, including one own goal by Leenaerts
      St. Truiden: Luc Martens has 19 (not 20)
      Week 5: Kasongo scored in the 68th
      Week 16: Half-time score was indeed 1-0 as Nilis scored in the 6th
      Week 21: Half-time scored was 4-0

      I have corrected all these errors!


  2. Concerning RFC, with Coulonval going to 3 appearances and Onclin to 16, now the total appearances add up to 331, one surplus!


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