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  1. Sites I like and it s somet hing that the internet has long been seeking. History of the First division.

  2. Hello Wolfgang,
    here’s what i found this time:

    1: Ok, unbelievable fact – Cornelius Martin of Aston Villa played 26 out of 27 appearances as GK, even if he is listed as half-back. Can you confirm it?

    2: Date of signing for G. Pembery at Charlton Athletic is omitted.

    3. George Mountford is omitted at the roster of stoke.

    4. Correct name is James Walls for Charlton in games and goals.

    5. James Harold Smith of Chelsea is omitted in the roster

    I’m curious, do you know how Dennis Herod, gk of stoke scored his own goal? (It was not a penalty)


  3. Hi Tasos,

    thanks for checking the information!

    1. yes indeed! First I thought it must have been a mistake in the source but then I read his entry in wikipedia which confirmed it. Thus I moved him from Half Backs to Goalkeepers for this season in the Teams section.

    2.-5. has been corrected.

    Here’s what wikipedia says abotu Herod’s goal:

    Herod made history on 16 February 1952, in an away match at Aston Villa. He broke his arm in a brave challenge and spent the rest of the match at right wing with Stoke defending a 2–1 lead. Not considered a threat by Villa’s defence Herod was left unmarked and found himself one on one with ‘keeper Con Martin and calmly slotted the ball past him.


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