Season 1973-74


Weeks 01 – 12  (12.08.1973 – 04.11.1973)

Weeks 13 – 22  (25.11.1973 – 10.02.1974)

Weeks 23 – 34  (17.02.1974 – 12.05.1974)


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56 thoughts on “Season 1973-74”

  1. silvermane :

    You can use the numerous Dutch press archives to find the missing attendances and goal minuts ( for a start).

    I know that archive, it is very handy, but – of course – doesn’t offer complete issues over a continuous period. For example, I lack the “De Telegraaf” issue from Monday, 13 May 1974 (my library lacks it). That archive also doesn’t have it. That issue has the formations of the very last matchday of the 1973-74 season. Can’t find it anywhere, unfortunately.

  2. In the KB, De Waarheid for example has complete lineups for that round, as does De Tijd (but substitution minutes still baffle me).

  3. That is gold! Following that link, I see that “Trouw” has not only the lineups but also the goal scorers (in detail with minutes scored) and the attendances!

  4. I have now completed this season and added goalscorers and missing lineups (a few are still missing though). I have to thank you, Silvermane, for the research you did. This also allows me to cover seasons 1971-72 and 1972-73 of the Eredivisie in the future.

    Next stop: Serie A 1960-61!

  5. What he said. Elfvoetbal has complete Eredivisie lineups, just no goal or substitution minutes.

    If you want a newspaper source, search in KB. Het vrije volk, Limburgsch dagblad etc. should have 1960s lineups.

  6. Thanks for your help, Mirko & Silvermane! Excellent site!

    Do you know if there are Italian websites that have archived newspapers like the Dutch Kranten archives? Where actual newspapers can be researched? I ask because I look for attendances figures for Serie A games, which are not available in my source (which has everything else, thankfully).

  7. Wolfgang: La Stampa is available, but it’s pretty slow. Also L’Unita, but there are gaps (such as Monday issues missing from the early 1980s).

    Mirko:, free registration required. Goes back only to late 80s but includes lower leagues too.

  8. hello silverman….you know some website where I said the attendance of players: blackburn rovers-wba-sunderland-blackpool-sheffield utd-fulham-bolton thanks: D

  9. mirko: has most (all?) attendances in the Football League. Note that prior to WW2 exact figures are not always available.

    Unless you mean line-ups, in which case you are limited to (pay site) or fan sites for individual clubs which may or may not be accurate and complete. See for an incomplete listing. I estimate that about two FL dozen clubs have complete histories on the Web, and goalscorers are available for some others (Huddersfield/Stoke in Wikipedia for example).

  10. Silverman then thanks ……. 11 11 << I know ….. I think ENC interesting and now I read how it works …… the other is difficult ……. thanks again : D

  11. I have added “games and goals” to the Eredivisie 1973-74 season.

    Something I have noticed: if you are using Mozilla Firefox the PDF documents might not show the way they were intended to be. The latest update for Firefox (19) has introduced its own integrated pdf viewer – if you want to switch back to the plugin you’ve used before to view pdfs just go to firefox options > applications & scroll down and define the default action for the portable document format (pdf).

  12. Hi, nice work! If you need help or if you are missing something about the Dutch league you can ask me for help.

  13. Hi AjaxArchief!

    Thank you very much for your offer. Currently I am looking for a series/volumes of books which deal with historic lineups of the Eredivisie. I have found this for many countries, even Brazil, Argentina, Yugoslavia, France, Belgium and so on, but not for the Netherlands. Do you know whether such a work exists? I know there is a website which has this information, but I always prefer books instead of websites.


    • Hi Wolfgang,

      i don’t think that exists. Not with full line-ups. I think the only dutch option is the ‘Voetbal International’. This magazine exists since 1965 and it has every week the full lineups but i think it’s very difficult to make it complete.

      How much do you want to spend for that information? Then i will take a look if i can find something for you.

  14. I had a look at and looks like vintage “Voetball International” yearbooks are very sparsely offered. Anyway, buying period yearbooks is always very expensive so I guess I will stick to looking online sources.

  15. Hello ajax archief know tell me where I find the sites and networks in the Dutch league appearances from 1969 to 1982? thanks ….. elf voetball not put more old data ….

  16. It’s a Dutch newspaper archive ( If you know the date of a game you can find the scorers from the next day. I think it was mentioned earlier in the thread?

    I’m looking for specific teams from all over Europe and South America: here is a smaller list of the teams I’d most like to track down. Ideally in the form of player name / games as starter / games as sub / goals:

    Argentinos Juniors 85-86
    Boca Juniors 62-63 / 64-65 / 76-77 / 77-78 / 78-79
    Estudiantes 67-68 / 68-69 / 81-82 / 82-83
    Independiente 63-64 / 65-66 / 71-72 / 72-73 / 74-75 / 75-76 / 78-79 / 83-84
    Newell’s Old Boys 91-92
    Racing Club 66-67 / 96-97
    River Plate 65-66 / 69-70 / 75-76 / 77-78 / 94-95 / 95-96 / 97-98 / 98-99
    San Lorenzo 59-60 / 72-73 / 87-88
    Velez Sarsfield 93-94

    Beerscot 52-53
    KAA Gent 56-57 / 90-91 / 91-92 / 99-2000
    KSV Waregem 85-86 / 92-93
    KV Mechelen 87-88 / 88-89 / 89-90 / 90-91
    Lierse SK 59-60 / 71-72
    Racing Genk 97-98 / 98-99
    Racing Mechelen 51-52
    RFC Liege 51-52 / 52-53 / 63-64
    SK Beveren 78-79 / 83-84
    Standard Liege 57-58 / 58-59 / 62-63 / 68-69 / 69-70 / 70-71 / 71-72 / 79-80 /

    Lille 47-48 / 48-49 / 51-52 / 52-53
    Lyon 73-74 / 74-75
    Marseille 47-48 / 48-49 / 69-70 / 70-71 / 71-72 / 72-73 / 74-75
    Monaco 55-56 / 62-63
    Nice 50-51 / 51-52 / 55-56 / 67-68 / 72-73 / 73-74 / 75-76
    Nimes 61-62 / 70-71 / 71-72
    RC Paris 61-62
    Reims 47-48 / 48-49 / 52-53 / 53-54 / 54-55 / 55-56 / 61-62 / 62-63 / 75-76
    Sedan 62-63
    Sochaux 52-53 / 71-72
    Toulouse 54-55 / 65-66

    Hamburg 59-60 / 60-61
    Schalke 57-58

    Dinamo Zagreb 66-67
    OFK Beograd 72-73
    Partizan Beograd 53-54

    If you or anybody else can help me with some of these, I’d be very grateful!

  17. Hello Wolfgang,
    here is what i found after a thorough search:

    Week 6 : PSV vs AZ 67 2-1 not mentioning the minute
    Week 8: De graafschap vs Feyenoord From 0-3 to 4-3 in the first half and then 4-7!!! Fantastic!
    Week 14: Ajax-Telstar 7-1 is indicated as scored by Couperus. Maybe he scored the 7-2 and the scorer of 7-1 for Ajax is missing.
    Week 17: In the table there is a mistake with the wins and draws and points of Ajax. It’s actually 13, 04 and 30 respectively.
    Week 28: Groningen vs Twente, half time score is 0-1
    Week 32: FC Amsterdam vs AZ 67 minute of the goal is omitted.
    Week 34: Nec vs Haarlem Half time score is omitted and at FC Amsterdam vs Utrecht no minutes for the goals are indicated.

    Telstar: van egmond is not indicated at the roster
    Utrecht: Peter VAN oudenallen
    Haarlem: Peys and Huyberts are not indicated in the roster
    Roda: No goals are indicated for Johan Meuser
    NAC: Quaars is not indicated in the roster of NAC, instead he is indicated in Den Haag’s roster
    NEC: Blijderveen and Kronshorst are not indicated in the roster

    Great season for Twente! Failed in the last hurdle!


  18. I’m searching for the statistics (appearences and scores) for the Dutch competition from 1954 til now. For the highest division (Eredivisie) I have the statistics complete from 1977 til now. For about 12 clubs I have the data complete from 1954 til 2018. How can I help you to complete the data on jour site?


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