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  1. Additionally, the following players seem to have “slipped through the cracks”:

    1.Crystal palace-Jimmy Scott 1969-1972,
    2.Leicester City-Rodney Fern-1967-1972,
    3.Man Utd-John Aston-1964-1972,
    4.West Ham- Geoff Hurst-1959-1972.
    They were at the rosters of the 1971-72 season but not at the relevant rosters of the 1972-73 season and they are not indicated at the transfers.

    According to my reference source (Football players’ records-Barry J. Hugman- 1984),
    i have the following info:
    1. No additional club. Maybe he retired or went to non-league?
    2. he was transferred at June of 1972 to Luton.
    3. He was transferred at July of 1972 to Luton
    4. He was transferred at August of 1972 to Stoke


    P.S. Please note that i have not done a proper study of 1971-72 season, so what i have derived here is only from a view point of the 1972-73 season.

  2. Some additional items:

    1. Keith Dyson (6/1), John McNamee (2/0), Gordon Hindson (2/0) are indicated in Games and Goals but not at the respective rosters.
    Dyson left 10/71 to Blackpool
    McNamee left 11/71 to Blckburn
    Hindson left 10/71 to Luton

    2. The appearances for the goalkeepers of Chelsea do not add up to 42. Bonetti 33, Phillips 7, Sherwood 1. Can you investigate it?


  3. Dyson, McNamee and Hindson all played at Newcastle to make the previous comment more complete.


  4. Hi Tasos, I finally got around checking the above points.

    The most interesting one first, about the Chelsea goalkeepers:

    In the game against Ipswich Town (2-0 to Chelsea) on week 23 (27 December 1971), the Chelsea goalkeeper was David Webb, who is actually not a goalkeeper but a defender. That’s why the goalkeeper appearances only add up to 41.

    About Jimmy Scott, Rodney Fern, John Aston and Geoff Hurst. As you noted above, they changed the clubs during the summer months. In the “transfers” section I only list players that changed clubs during the course of a season (which ist mid-August to May). Players that get transferred in June, July and early-August are not included in the transfer section.

    About the Newcastle United players Dyson, McNamee and Hindson: They should have been part of the 1971-72 teams info. I have now added them as well as the transfer dates. I will upload the corrected teams info tomorrow.

    Thanks again for brining this to my attention!

    • Hello
      I know it adds a large amount of work, but it would be great if you could add the transfers during the “summer” preseason months. Think about it.


      PS: Do you know why they played with Dave Webb as goalkeeper? the normal goalkeepers were injured or suspended maybe?

  5. David Webb became an emergency goalkeeper for Chelsea after Peter Bonetti was injured in a game against Coventry City on December 18th, 1971. He then played the entire game the following week because both of Chelsea’s goalkeepers were unfit and kept a clean sheet as The Blues beat Ipswich 2-0.

  6. “Dyson, McNamee and Hindson all played at Newcastle to make the previous comment more complete”

    Great memories ! I remember all three at Newcastle. Interestingly (for me), Jim Scott, mentioned in this thread at Crystal Palace, was also an ex Newcastle player before that.

    Thanks for this! Is there any plan to complete the work for later decades ?

    • Hi David, thanks for the kind words! I do intend to work on English First Division up to the 1990s and the continue with the Premier League, but that will take a lot of time!


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