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  1. I don’t really like to say that: You put the matches of 1970/71 on the page of 1971/72! The teams/rosters are o.k.

    Best wishes and thank you for a brilliant effort, anyway! Really interesting, and I learned a lot.


  2. About ‘teams’: I read it quickly and just realized that some information was doubtful or wrong. I only checked those numbers or names. I did not care too much about former amateur or youth teams, I am sure one could have mentioned a lot more, but I find it kind of exaggerating to write where the players spent their childhood. Anyway, when I find obvious mistakes I would like to name them.

    Bielefeld: ‘Brücken, Karl-Heinz’ must be …’formerly Bayer Leverkusen, RW Elfgen’. Later he played in Dortmund and Düsseldorf. It was one “Helmut Brücken” who played for Leverkusen and Düsseldorf in the 1960s, but that one was never in Bundesliga.

    Bayern: ‘Gerber’ … b. 1953, formerly Bayern Juniors, TSV Eching (as a child). Later in Wuppertal, St.Pauli, Hannover etc.

    Dortmund: ‘Büker’ – I thought it was Bücker, even though your version appears to be somewhere in my memory as well, from long long ago. Google only mentions ‘Bücker’, but try to read his name in his own handwriting on picclick.de/Schalke-04-signierte-Autogrammkarte-Theo-Büker-1981-82-193751839454.html#&gid=1&pid=1.
    ‘Peter, Ingolf’ – are you sure? I never read or heard anything else but “Ingo”. No former football pro by the name of “Ingolf Peter” can be found by Google.

    Düsseldorf: ‘Lungwitz’ … b. 1942

    Bochum: ‘Zorc’ and ‘Rüsing’ … both ‘formerly Lüner SV’. SV Lünen is a different club.

    Bremen: ‘Weber’ … ‘formerly … SV Schüren, VfL Hörde’.

    As for teams 1970-71:
    Hertha BSC: ‘Brungs’ … ‘formerly 1.FC Nürnberg, Borussia Dortmund, …’
    Dortmund: ‘Paul’ … ‘formerly VfL Schwerte, TuS Bigge’
    Essen: ‘Bockholt’ … ‘formerly VfB Bottrop’

    • I have corrected Teams 71-72 according to the information you gave me. I will correct 1970-71 soon as well. I will also change the name “Büker” to “Bücker” in the lineups. Many thanks!

      • It is ridiculous, the picture with Bücker’s autograph has disappeared from google, and the link is invalid. But you can see that the link referred to ‘Büker’, the printed name on the picture that was shown was ‘Bücker’, and I was pretty sure his hand-written autograph said ‘B-ü-k-e r’. The autographs you can now find in the internet are less readable. Then again: Who cares? This has already taken too much time.
        About Franz Gerber: I recommend kicker.de and for further information wikipedia!
        Sorry, I thought changing the information about one player would automatically be realized on all pages! So this is more work for you than I had thought.
        One would have to change: Brücken 1970-71, Peter 1970-71, Bücker – if you want to – 1969-1972, Lungwitz Münster1963-64 and Fortuna 1966-67, Weber with BVB 1965-68, with Hertha 1968-71.
        Those mentioned for 1970-71: Paul 1963-1971, Brungs – you left out ‘formerly …, Borussia Dortmund, …’ from 1965 to 1971. Bockholt 1966-67 and 1969-1971. Bockholt was never with Preussen Münster.
        Neither was Bernd Dörfel! HSV 1963-68, Braunschweig 1968-70.


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