1. Amended “Teams” document has been uploaded.

  2. ok thanks wolfgang 🙂

  3. Hello Wolfgang ! Great thanks.

  4. Amended “Teams” document has been uploaded.

  5. Hello Wolfgang,

    That’s what i found this time:

    1. The participations do not add up at Charlton. Ten appearances are missing.

    2. At Man Utd roster one goalkeeper appearance is missing. Additionally the goals do not add up, i think main culprit is Edward Lewis (full back with 7 goals in 10 matches?).

    3. At Portsmouth roster one appearance is missing.

    4. At Tottenham roster one appearance is missing. Additionally it seems they have scored 79 goals while at the final table the number is 78!

    The closest Preston North End came at a championship after the glory years of the previous century!


  6. Hi Tasos,

    thanks for checking the stats. I will look into this in the next few days!



  7. Hi Tasos,

    1. Kenny Chamberlain actually played 15 games instead 5 – corrected

    2. Johnny Carey – usually a half back – was the goalkeeper for Manchester United on 18 February 1953 at Sunderland. Regarding Edward Lewis – he actually should be among the forwards, not the full backs. Only later in his career did he become a full back. That aside, the goals add up to 69 don’t they? I didn’t find a mistake there.

    3. That was Ike Clarke – I have added him now.

    4. That was Chris Adams – now added. I wrongly attributed 2 goals to Henry Clarke – he scored none. So Tottenham scored 77 goals plus 1 own goal. Now corrected.

    Many thanks for checking the data!



  8. Hello Wolfgang,
    You are right about point two. It was my mistake.


    • Hi Tasos,

      English football of the 1950s is quite full of surprises to me. I was surprised not only to see that Preston North End spent most of the 1950s in the First Division but that they were also a real contender during those years. In 1954 they made the FA Cup Final and in Tom Finney, they had one of the best forwards of that era in their team. Notable is also the rise of goals per games as the Fifties progress. Willy Meisl, brother of Hugo, wrote a report on the new “offensive” strategy that most sides seemed to have adopted a few weeks into the 1952-53 season.



  9. He wrote that report in German weekly “Sportmagazin” in 1952.

    In case you’re interested, I am about to upload the “season reviews” from Rothmans starting with Season 1969-70 soon.

  10. Hello Wolfgang,
    That’s very interesting. I possess rothmans 1974-75 reviewing the last championship of Leeds.
    For me, english champioship was the top one and since i have researched it quite in depth, nothing comes as a surprise any more, at least nothing major.
    But there are always small things that continue to amaze me, that’s why i keep researching it, cross-checking on the way, your data.
    From what i’ve read during this research i think the most amazing thing is Manchester City’s season 1937-38. I have commented it in my research for the English top-5 that you have uploaded at this site but it equally amazes me that not many people realise what records Man City achieved in that period, both positive and negative.
    And no, i’m not a Man City fan (ha ha), i’m actually Port Vale fan (yes, that’s right)!


    • Hi Tasos,

      speaking of Manchester City, I have been browsing through the league tables of the 1950s and I was struck by Manchester City’s 1957-58 goals for and goals against record: 104 to 100! That would have been unthinkable 10 years earlier in the late-1940s or around 1950 but around 1960 the goal scoring had exploded to an uncanny level (it would drop again sharply by the late-1960s).

      Manchester City’s 1937-38 season as you mentioned was remarkable.

      Season Reviews have been upload for every season from 1969-70 to 1984-85.



  11. Amended “Teams” document uploaded today.

  12. Teams have been updated.

  13. Teams have been updated today.

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