5 thoughts on “Season 1971-72”

  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    Few points this time.
    From week 11 you mention Teugels at the top scorers list as playing for Union. He played for Racing White.
    Week 20: typo error in first half result of FC Brugge vs Mechelen.

    A very interesting fact is that Anderlecht, eventual champions never were at pole position except at the penultimate fixture. They made a remarkable comeback while Standard capitulated and FC Brugge commited suicide!
    Also there is an emergence of Racing White as major force in Belgian football!


  2. Hi Tasos,

    I have corrected the errors.

    One of only two Belgian championships for powerhouse Anderlecht in the 1970s. Remarkable because during this decade Anderlecht became a force in Europe, contrary to the 1960s when they the domestic championship year after year. Brugge would become the major domestic team in Belgium during this decade (Ernst Happel).



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