Season 1970-71

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Weeks 01 – 42   (15.08.1970 – 05.05.1971)

Referees (compiled by Mark Anderson)

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14 thoughts on “Season 1970-71”

  1. Hi

    A cross-checking at rosters and final appearances & goals for the subject season, produced these two items:
    1. At Man Utd’s games and goals the last entry Anthony Young doesn’t have any appearance, only his name is depicted, maybe you ommited something?
    2. Although Bryan ‘Pop” Robson is indicated as signed to West Ham at February 1971, he’s not indicated as leaving Newcastle Utd.


  2. not sure if this would interest you or not, but i have a list of referees for the 1970/71 season, im missing 29 of the 400+ matches that season

    • That would be interesting to me. I could upload that information as a separate category for this season. It would be much appreciated! I would contact you via your e-mail address which I see using the dashboard if that’s okay with you?

  3. yes thats fine wolfgang, i also have a list of scottish refs and dutch refs, and im sure i have belgian refs somewhere as well lol.

    let me know by email and ill send what i have

  4. Hello Wolfgang. Very,very good site. Norway calling.I`m a Blackpool fan. Since 1960. I`m 77. I like stats,lineups etc. I have lineups of Blackpool from 1946-up to now, but some seasons it is so much errors(From Rothmans and others) Do you use the lineups from Rothmans? What from? Do you use ENFA? I will not use
    SEASON 1970/71. I mean i have found a some errorrs from you, I think ,no sub but I`m not sure. you
    Match 1 Hudds.Murray played.Mowbray in as sub. Match 8 Tottenham, Mcnicholas in as sub. Ma tch 23 Burnley no subs. Match 24 Liverpool. Hutchinson
    played. Pickering in as sub. Match 29 Derby. I think Pickering played. Match 31 Chelsea. I mean armfield,hatton,coleman played.
    Can you help. Thanks.

    • Hello Per, thanks for you kind words! It is an honor to me to have a senior Blackpool FC fan post on my website!
      I did use Rothmans as source for most of the 1970s English lineups – it was the only source I had. Around 2015 I discovered Tony Brown’s series of excellent books and used them as my main source. ENFA is a fantastic site and I use to cross-check them very often.

      I know that the 1970s English lineups are the ones that need most correcting due to the Rothmans source. Thanks for pointing out the Blackpool errors in 1970-71! Thank you very much for that!

      I have corrected these lineups – I am sure there are many more mistakes unfortunately. Back then when I started working on English 1. Division 10 years ago I didn’t know early Rothmans were partly unreliable. Now the damage is done and it is really hard going through all lineups cross-checking with Tony Brown and ENFA to find where the mistakes are. Thus I am grateful you did that in this case!

      • Hello Wolfgang.
        First of all,many thanks for your fine words. I have followed your web-site for several years, but never thought of writing you until now. Your site is very good. knowI sent you a reply 26.january, but I have not heard from you. So I dont know what happens. Maybe I asked about something to much. Sorry
        for that you can lokk.
        I hope I can ask you later for help of lineups of BFC if I maybe find errors.
        Thank you for corrected the matches in 1970/71 season, but I think it is more errors in the Rothmans. I think maybe match 9 Everton ,18 Derby,23 Burnley,25 man c,38 stoke,39 notts f. It is also errors in BFC roster. If you have time you can look at it. The seasons from 1949/50 to 1965/66. Do you
        used ENFA? What about seasons 46/47,47/48 and 48/49? Will you take them? Best wishes from Per from Norway.

        • Hello Per Aage,

          thanks again for your kind words! I do know that the early Rothmans are not error-free and I intend to correct the data for the early 1970s by checking back with ENFA. That’s however a quite long and arduous undertaking which I do not fancy, but I will eventually get it done. Can’t say when, though! English seasons for the 1940s are currently not on my schedule, maybe someday in the future (also the 1930s).

          • Hello Wolfgang.
            Good to hear from you again. Thank you.
            To my questions. Take your time. You do a very good job with all the leagues.
            Maybe I will try ENFA, but I dont like Paypal.


  5. Hello Wolfgang.
    Good to hear from you again. Thank you.
    To my questions. Take your time. You do a very good job with all the leagues.
    Maybe I will try ENFA, but I dont like Paypal.


  6. Hello Wolfgang.
    Can you , when you have time, please date up the Blackpool roster . Errors there.
    Thanks. Again, it is a good site you have.
    Best wishes.
    Per Aage


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