Season 1970-71

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Season Review


Weeks 01 – 10 (15.08.1970 – 26.09.1970)
Weeks 11 – 20 (03.10.1970 – 05.12.1970)
Weeks 21 – 30 (12.12.1970 – 27.02.1971)
Weeks 31 – 42 (06.03.1971 – 05.05.1971)

Referees (compiled by Mark Anderson)

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7 thoughts on “Season 1970-71”

  1. Hi

    A cross-checking at rosters and final appearances & goals for the subject season, produced these two items:
    1. At Man Utd’s games and goals the last entry Anthony Young doesn’t have any appearance, only his name is depicted, maybe you ommited something?
    2. Although Bryan ‘Pop” Robson is indicated as signed to West Ham at February 1971, he’s not indicated as leaving Newcastle Utd.


  2. not sure if this would interest you or not, but i have a list of referees for the 1970/71 season, im missing 29 of the 400+ matches that season

    • That would be interesting to me. I could upload that information as a separate category for this season. It would be much appreciated! I would contact you via your e-mail address which I see using the dashboard if that’s okay with you?

  3. yes thats fine wolfgang, i also have a list of scottish refs and dutch refs, and im sure i have belgian refs somewhere as well lol.

    let me know by email and ill send what i have


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