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  1. Working on this particular season took me a bit longer than I had planned due to a silly mistake I made: I somehow forgot to incorporate all 11 games played on 31 December 1955 and only noticed that once I had finished the season. Thus I now have to correct every table after 31 December 1955 and also every top scorers list. Stupid me.

  2. Hello Wolfgang,

    Two tiny mistakes in games and goals

    Burnley-James McIlroy (last letter) and Huddersfield-Victor Metcalfe

    Arsenal: There is Roy Goylden indicated after the transfers!
    Birmingham: Adding goals gives 68, at the end table it is indicated 75. 7 own goals?
    Blackpool: Adding appearances, reveals 3 surplus.
    Bolton: Adding appearances, reveals 2 less. Additionally goalkeeper appearances are 2 less. So, there have to be a mistage with the goalkeepers
    Everton: Adding goals gives 46, at the end table it is indicated 55.
    Luton:Adding goals gives 60, at the end table it is indicated 66
    Shef Utd: Adding appearances, reveals 13 less

    Week 4: Chelsea vs Huddersfieldno scor depicted, i guess it is 0-0?


    • Hi Tasos,

      thanks to your scutiny I found these mistakes and have corrected them:

      Birmingham: 5 own goals + Warhurst scored two goals (30/2 instead of 30/0)
      Blackpool: Fenton 25/4 (not 28/4)
      Bolton: I overlooked Stanley Hanson (2/0)
      Everton: Wainwright 31/8 (not 31/0)
      Luton: 5 own goals + Pearce 19/4 (not 19/3)
      SUFC: I overlooked Ronnie Waldock (13/3)

      Thanks also for correcting “McIlrox” and “Metcalf” and indeed the game on week 4 between Chelsea and Huddersfield was scoreless.

      Many thanks again!




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