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  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    First games and goals:

    Beerschot: Van Puymbroeck is not listed in the roster.
    Daring: Is it Adolphe or Alphonse Deck?

    Anderlecht: Appearances 331, one surplus
    Beerschot: Appearances 329, one less (maybe Van Puymbroeck)
    Berchem: Appearances 334, four surplus. Additionally Edwin van den Eynde, since when he plays at the club?
    Cercle Brugge: Appearances 328, two less
    La Gantoise: Appearances 331, one surplus
    Turnhout: Leysens, De Houwer, Van Doninck, since when they play at the club?

    Week 9: RFC-RSC, halftime result is 0-1 and not 1-0
    Week 14: Antwerp-Daring , halftime result is 3-0 and not 2-0
    Week 27: The second goal is at 44 minute or is it wrong?

    And something odd: Week 30 Beeringen- LaGantoise 5-0 with 4 own goals????????!!!!!!!!!!
    Unique case!!!
    And Beeringen second!!!!

    That’s all,

    • Thanks Tasos!

      I will have a look at this probably this weekend.

      There are news I have for you regarding England First Division: ENFA is currently in the process of adding goal minutes to league games for the 1950s and 1960s. Currently they have covered 1957-58 to 1963-64. I don’t know which way they are progressing with this. Will 1964-65 be next or do they go backwards in time working on 1956-57 next …. unknown. My hope is that they work backwards because then I could incorporate the goal minutes in my documents. I will have to wait to see in which direction they go. Should they go back in time than I will wait until they have finished 1955-56 before I start with that season. I will keep you updated how it develops!


    • Hello Tasos,

      thanks a lot for another thorough research!

      I have added van Puymbroeck. It is Adolphe Deck.
      Anderlecht: Orazio Schena has 13 appearances, not 14.
      Beerschot: I arrive at 330 appearances?
      Berchem: Fernand Vermoes has 23, not 27. v.d.Eynde plays there since 1962 (added).
      Cercle: Willy Mortier has 30 (not 29) and Gilbert Bailliu has 18 (not 17).
      ARA La Gantoise: there seems to be a mistake in the matrix at the end of the book, because the numbers are the same. Unfortunately I have no second source to cross-check this.
      Turnhout: I will check the signing date of these 3 players later.
      Weeks 9, 14: corrected, week 27: the second goal was at 55, not 44.

      Most of the errors in the appearances was due to the source adding cup games in the matrix at the end of the book, which caused me some confusion.


  2. Regarding goal minutes First Division: they are now working on 1964-65 thus I can start with 55-56 right after I finished Belgium 78-79 as they are not about to add goal minutes for 55-56 anytime soon it seems.

  3. Regarding week 30 and the four own goals: I know one other game where this happened, in Italy on 29 January 1961, when Inter beat Catania 5-0. The goals of that game are available on youtube by the way.

  4. Regarding the three Turnhout players, all I could gather was that all three of them were already playing for the club at the start of the 1960-61 season. When they exactly joined the senior ranks I could not find out!


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