1. IHFFS source isnt good there are mistakes in names…

  2. Also for year 1940 there is missing 1/8 finals
    for example: Slavija (Sarajevo) – Ferencvaros 3:0, and Ferencvaros – Slavija (Sarajevo) 11:1 played on 19.6 and 23.6.1940.

  3. Mistakes HAŠK – SK Kladno…
    JOSIP Žmara not Vladimir
    ZENO “IVICA” Golac not Zlatko (Zlatko was his younger brother who played for Dinamo Zagreb after WW II)
    NIKOLA Duković it is mising
    full name of Boro Konstantinović is BORIVOJ

  4. What is the title and author(s) of the book please?

  5. sehr interessant und hilfreich!

  6. hello you also have other issues?

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