1. hello wolfgang’re working on here is not it? do you know where I can get the statistics of the 60 standard liege? I saw that you did something with the Belgian league thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Mirko, yes I am working on this season right now. Will probably be finished in about a week.

    Do you know belgiansoccerdatabase http://www.bsdb.de

    Standard Liège history on their website:


    Not very expansive though.

  3. you’ve got the data from these sites? sdbs part by 70 and the other I can not find stats …… are there? hello good work

  4. No I got the stats from these great books by Dirk van Hemeledonck:


    There is a whole series dedicated to Belgian football from the 1950s to the 1990s with every season covered. Fantastic stuff.


  6. I will eventually upload all the Belgian D1 lineups of the 1960s, 70s and 80s …. but that will take some years!

  7. Wow !

    if you can send me the statistics only from 1960 to 1969 of standard liege antwerp fc? thanks

  8. ????????????????????????????? 🙂

  9. Hi Mirko, yes I can do that. I have to copy it first then scan it. Will take a few days. I will contact you when I have it ready.

  10. Thanks very nice …… if I can help on something again 🙂 my email is conchigliacoop@fastwebnet.it thanks again

  11. Fine…….england 1982-1983 🙂


  13. So you need Royal FC de Antwerp and Royal FC de Liège as well? I can do that, too. But I must be careful with the books because the bookbind might suffer if I copy too often!

  14. RFC de Liège and Antwerp FC I need 64-69: D thank you! I understand that taking data from a book can create problems: – / thanks so much

  15. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😀

  16. great !You have in mind a few more championship particular? Czechoslovakia Swiss type romania …. 🙂

  17. Hi Mirko,

    first of all, the new scans will be ready next week. Secondly, in the (very) long run, I would be interested in Poland, Portugal and Czechoslovakia. But not Switzerland or Romania.

  18. Hello dear!
    Too bad not bad …… Romanian championship for Czechoslovakia Poland Portugal there are many sites for Czechoslovakia …. maybe a little less …. 🙂 remember the statistics that I asked you 🙂 thanks very kind and good work and if you want always available for anything!

  19. Thank you very much wolfgang 🙂

  20. Hello Wolfgang,

    This time i had to dig deeper:

    1. I can’t define whether Jimmy Melia was at the helm of Brighton from the start of the season. From a source i have, is as Mike Bailey was there before him. Can you investigate it?
    2. Neil Mcnab of Brighton left on loan at december 1982 to Newcastle. You refer to a loan at Portsmouth at March 1983, But i don’t see it in Barry Hugman’s 1984 records.
    3.Colin Richard Smith of Norwich, was transferred there from Not. Forest although he didn’t play any games at City ground.


  21. Hi Tasos,

    Regarding Jimmy Melia I will have to check the season break-down in Rothman’s to find whether there is some info on Melia/Bailey. The managers’ information I usually take from wikipedia because none of my written sources has a distinct section about managers

    Regarding Neil McNab: indeed, he was loaned out in December 1982, which I overlooked. Since I don’t have my 2005 Hugman with me right now, I had a look at ENFA. According to them, he was on loan to Leeds United in December 1982, not Newcastle. I tend to trust ENFA more on that because on their website (don’t know if you have access to that) they list 6 games he played for Leeds in December/January 1983. I will have a look at my 2005 Hugman later and check if he has corrected that information, which is likely. On a sidenote, when I reach the mid-/late-80s First Division seasons, you should invest in a new Hugman, as your version ends in 1984 …. 🙂

    Regarding Colin Richard Smith: you are (of course!) right about that. I have corrected that information and also in the 1977-78 Teams section.

    Info for you: when I have finished 1983-84 I will work on England 1984-85 but after that I will take a break from English football of the 1980s. I will probably start working on England’s 1949-50 season early next year.



  22. Hi Tasos,

    indeed Mike Bailey was manager of Brighton at the start of the season. He was sacked on 6 December, Jimmy Melia took over on 10 December.

    Hugman has corrected the Neil McNab – in the 2005 issue he now lists him as loaned to Leeds United in December 1982.


  23. Hello wolfgang after English football where you work?
    hello and thanks

  24. a

  25. Hello Wolfgang,
    To be frank I saw it (Bailey-Brighton) in Panini’s 1983 album!!

    You are right about the Barry Hugman’s book, from 1984 onwards it becomes obsolete, i have to obtain the revised edition.
    BUT, you should know that, in case you do a relevant work for England before the war, i have the “Football League Player’s Records 1888 to 1939”. It should prove handy. 🙂


  26. aa

  27. Hello Wolfgang,

    You probably are correct about Neil McNab. I checked another source (Neil Brown at Newcastle fans.org-he has done an excellent job in a breakdown of all the players sorted by club!) and there i see 5 appearances with Leeds on loan at 82-83.


  28. Hello Wolfgang,
    There seems to be a problem with posting. I Have tried several times without success to post a single comment.

    Regards, Tasos

  29. Hello Wolfgang,
    You probably are correct about Neil McNab. I checked another source (Neil Brown at Newcastle fans.org-he has done an excellent job in a breakdown of all the players sorted by club!) and there i see 5 appearances with Leeds on loan at 82-83.
    1949-50, it’s great news. For me, first and foremost is english football, especially BEFORE the advent of premier league (1992). Unfortunately the bad news is that you will work on it next year???… I will have to wait for some months! 🙂

    Regards, Tasos

  30. Hi Tasos,

    inexplicably some of your latest comments were identified as spam …. don’t know why! I have now approved them as you can see. I will get the England lineups from 1949-50 onwards as a Christmas present, thus I will only be able to work on them probably in January.



  31. Mirko, after England 84-85 I will work on Italy 1969-70 and 1970-71.

  32. hello wolfgang
    Italy? sin I know the tabellini are Italian;) will wait for a few months;) good work!

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