Season 1979-80

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Weeks 01 – 10 (18.08.1979 – 10.10.1979)

Weeks 11 – 20 (13.10.1979 – 15.12.1979)

Weeks 21 – 30 (19.12.1979 – 01.03.1980)

Weeks 31 – 42 (03.03.1980 – 19.05.1980)

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13 thoughts on “Season 1979-80”

  1. Hello again,

    Some things i found in this season:

    N. Forest
    Richard Asa Hartford had 3 appearances this season before he was transferred but you do not depict him in the roster of Forest.

    Martin Dickinson is shown as signed on May but he has 6 appearances. Maybe the sign date is wrong?

    Man City
    What’s the thing with Robert Shinton? He transferred to Man city, at february he transferred to Newcastle and then at March back to City?


  2. Hi Tasos,

    here is what I found:

    1. I forgot Hartford in the roster!
    2. Dickinson was indicated by Hugman to have joined Leeds in May but that is factually wrong, as he already played for them in April. I will correct that.
    3. In fact Shinton was not transferred to Man.City but on loaned. I will change that, too.

    I have no access to the admin section of this site at the moment (“503 Service Temporarily Unavailable”) so I will have to wait a while until I can upload the corrected document.



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