1. Hello Wolfgang,

    Burnley: 3 appearances less than 462.
    Newcastle: In the transfers, Ivor Allchurch, just add the position – forward
    WBA: 1 appearance more than 462.

    A somewhat strange thing about week 7 as the maximum games played by any team were six!
    Week 17: Portsmouth-Leicester 4-1. Leicester goal is omitted
    Week 18: Luton vs Tottenham, first goal in 85 minute? Probably wrong
    Week 26: Leicester vs. Arsenal 0-3 or 2-3?
    And Blackburn, is it Matthew Woods or Maurice?


    • Hi Tasos, thanks again for your very valuable proof-reading! I have been lazy recently but will soon have a look at errors that you have found.


    • Hi Tasos,
      I have corrected all errors, it’s Maurice Woods actually.
      Burnley – I counted it now and get 462 appearances?
      WBA: Derek Hogg actually has 40 appearances, not 41!

      Thanks again!

  2. Week 18 Luton-Tottenham- Bingham 78 (1-1) -Dunmore 10 (0-1) ,Medwin 85 (1-2)

  3. Re
    Week 26 Leicester vs Arsenal 2-3 (0-1) , not 0-3
    Week 17 goal for Leicester in second half Derek Hines’


  4. Leeds v Burnley 30/08/1958 was a 1-1 draw , Leeds’ scorer was Bob Forrest

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