Season 1968-69

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Weeks 01 – 14     (07.09.1968 – 22.12.1968)

Weeks 15 – 30    (04.01.1969 – 11.05.1969)

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6 thoughts on “Season 1968-69”

  1. Hello Wolfgang,

    let’s begin with Games and Goals:
    Charleroi: Cl. Bissot is indicated two times
    Beveren: R. van de Sompel is not indicated in the roster
    Union: Schraepen, Diricx and Henri Petersen are not indicated in the roster.

    Week 3: Lierse-Beerschot
    Half time score should be 2-1?
    Additionaly, Olieslagers is indicated as scorer for both teams (2-1 and 4-1)!!!

    Week 6: Racing White-La Gantoise
    Ghellynck is indicated as scorer for both teams (1-0 and 2-2)!!!


    • Hi Tasos,

      I have added van de Sompel, Schraepen, Diricx and Peterson to the roster and took the second Bissot away.

      Week: half-time score corrected. My source actually lists both of Olieslagers’ goals as having come from penalties, which obviously cannot be. Thus I have changed the goal in question to own goal, which it apparently was.

      Week 6: sources give Ghellynck’s first goal as an own goal but I typed it down wrongly. It is now changed to own goal.

      Thanks again for checking this!




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