In honor of Gerd Müller’s 70th birthday here are some pictures from his career:

13th March 1971: Gerd Müller has just scored 3 goals against Uwe Seeler’s Hamburg in a 6-2 rout in Munich.

Müller 2

10th May 1969: Müller scores the 1-0 winning goal against Austria in Nuremberg (WC-Qualifier)

Müller 7

4th June 1966: a scene from the 1966 German Cup Final between Bayern München and Meidericher SV.

Müller 3

21st May 1969: a scene from the 12-0 vs. Cyprus staged in Essen (WC-Qualifier).

Müller 4

22nd October 1969: Müller scores the 2-1 against Scotland in Hamburg (WC-Qualifier). McKinnon (no. 5) on the right.

Müller 5

3rd June 1970: Müller scores the winning goal against Morocco in the 1974 World Cup.

Müller 6

Gerd Müller at the age of ca. 15 playing for TSV Nördlingen.

Müller 9

25th December 1966: Müller scores the 2-2 against Hertha BSC in the German Cup. End result: 3-2 to Bayern.

Müller 8

23rd November 1966: second-leg in the European Cup Winners’ Cup. Müller scores the winning goal (3-2) shortly before the end of the game against Shamrock Rovers.

Müller 10

Bayern in 1966-67. On top of the ladder: Sepp Maier, left to him Schwarzenbeck, Peter, Nafziger, right to him Olk, Nowak, Brenninger and standing on the ground Müller, Ohlhauser, Beckenbauer, Koulmann.

Müller 11

16th August 1969: Müller scores one of his three goals against RW Essen in the Bundesliga.

Müller 12

6th December 1969: Müller pictured in the game against Hamburg (2-1), both goals scored by “Der Bomber”.

Müller 13

22nd August 1970: Müller marked by Hertha BSC’s central defender Tasso Wild.

Müller 14

14th August 1971: a scene from Bayern’s Bundesliga tie against Fortuna Düsseldorf.

Müller 15

27th November 1971: Müller scores the first of his 4 goals against Borussia Dortmund in a 11-1 rout – Bayern’s highest-ever Bundesliga victory.

Müller 17

Against Colin Jackson of Glasgow Rangers in the 1971-72 European Cup Winners’ Cup semi final.

Müller 16

8th March 1972: Müller scores the 1-1 against Steaua Bucharest in the Cup Winners’ Cup quarterfinal.

Müller 18

15th November 1972: Müller scores one of his four goals against Switzerland (5-1).

Müller 19

7th October 1972: this was the moment when Gerd Müller scored his 200th Bundesliga goal (2-0 in a 5-0 victory against FC Schalke 04).

Müller 20

19th September 1973: Müller scores one of his two goals against Swedish champions Atvidaberg FF (3-1) in the first round of the European Cup (first leg).

Müller 21

This is Müller’s other goal in the first leg against Atvidaberg FF.

Müller 22

4th October 1969: Müller scores all four goals for Bayern against Werder Bremen in a 4-1 Bundesliga victory.

Müller 23

Bayern steamroll the Bundesliga in 1972-73: from left Uli Hoeness, Franz Roth, Gerd Müller and Franz Beckenbauer.

Müller 24

14th June 1969: Müller scores the decisive 2-1 against FC Schalke 04 in the German Cup final.

Müller 25

A scene from Müller’s record-breaking 1971-72 season.

Müller 26

Another goal in Müller’s record season 1971-72.

Müller 27

10th September 1966: Müller scores one of his two goals against Karlsruher SC in a 6-1 away win.

Müller 28

17th September 1966: Müller scores the winning goal in a thrilling 4-3 against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Müller 29

22th October 1966: Müller scores one of his two goals against Köln in 4-2 away win.

Müller 30

10th June 1967: this is the third goal of Bayern in the German Cup final against Hamburg (end result 4-0).

Müller 34

16th August 1969: Müller scores the first goal against RW Essen (4-0).

Müller 35

15th May 1971: this is the 6-0 against Köln (final result 7-0).

Müller 36jpg

16th September 1972: Müller scores the first goal in the 4th minute against RW Oberhausen after a cross by Rainer Zobel. End result 5-0, three goals scored by Müller.

Müller 37

11th February 1978: Müller scores the 1-0 against Saarbrücken in a 7-1 rout.

Müller 38

20th August 1966: Müller’s goal against Eintracht Frankfurt on the first day of season 1966-67. Bayern still lost 1-2 at home.

Müller Handball 1970

19th September 1970: Müller ‘parries’ a header by Mönchengladbach’s Herbert Laumen in this Bundesliga game. The resulting penalty is scored by Jupp Heynckes. End result: 2-2.

Netzer Mueller 1970

19th September 1970: Gerd Müller and Günter Netzer.

Müller 39

20th January 1973: Müller scores one of his two goals against RW Oberhausen in a 5-3 home win.

Müller 41

6th May 1972: Müller is seen behind Paul Breitner (no. 3), Manfred Kaltz and Willi Schulz in this 4-3 home win against Hamburg.

Müller 40

Against Werder Bremen defenders, ca. 1965-66.

Müller 42

Season 1973-74

Müller 43

12th June 1976: epic moment, as Gerd Müller scores his 300th Bundesliga goal in the third minute against Hertha BSC.

Müller 44

29th May 1976: Gerd Müller and two players of Eintracht Frankfurt.

Müller 45

12th May 1976: Müller and Osvaldo Piazza of AS Saint-Etienne in the European Cup final in Glasgow.

Müller 46

17th August 1976: Müller scores the 1-1 against RSC Anderlecht in the 1976 Super Cup final.

Müller 47

7th December 1974: Müller scores the first goal against Fortuna Düsseldorf in the 4-0 Bundesliga win.

Müller 48jpg

5th March 1974: Bayern vs CSKA Sofia in the European Cup (first leg).

Müller 49

Season 1972-73: from left Udo Lattek, Uli Hoeness, Gerd Müller.

Müller 50

4th March 1972: Müller sores the third goal against Kaiserslautern.

Müller 51

10th November 1973: Hamburg goalkeeper Rudi Kargus fouls Müller. Penalty for Bayern, scorer: Müller.

Müller 52

31st March 1973: Müller against Duisburg’s stopper Detlef Pirsig.

21st March 1973: Müller scores against Ajax Amsterdam with this header.

Müller 54

22nd June 1974: East German goalkeeper Jürgen Croy saves just in time.

Müller 55

14th April 1976: Müller scores his second goal against Real Madrid in this European Cup semi final (second leg).

Müller 56

3rd November 1971: Müller after scoring one of his two goals against Liverpool in the 1971-72 Cup Winners Cup. On the ground: Ray Clemence.


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  1. A little know feat of Müller is that, when he scored on his debut at Bayern in Regionalliga Süd (18.10.1964 in a 11:2 win against Freiburger FC), he went on to score further 24 goals in 12 consecutive matches. Not bad for a 19 year old, even though the opposition was less than stellar.

    • Also little known: when Müller was born in Nördlingen in 1945 there were rumours that his father was a gypsy. All of that however remains unconfirmed and only a little-town rumour.

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