1. How long time is taken to publish a new season???


    • Hopefully by the end of November! It took me longer this time because I am working on another project at the same time. From season 60-61 it will be go more quickly again.

  2. Season 1959-60 publish ?

  3. Thanks Wolfgang

  4. Many Thanks Wolfgang.

    Week 4 1.09.59
    Arsenal-Nottingham 1-1(1-0)
    Scorers 1-0 D Herd ( 4.) 1-1 J Whitefoot (77)

  5. Number of own goals teams benefitted from:
    Burnley 1
    Wolves 2
    Spurs 3
    WBA 3
    Sheffield W. 0
    Bolton 2
    Man.Utd. 3
    Newcastle 3
    Preston 1
    Fulham 1
    Blackpool 0
    Leicester 1
    Arsenal 1
    West Ham 1
    Everton 2
    Man.City 2
    Blackburn 0
    Chelsea 2
    Birmingham 2
    Nottingham 2
    Leeds 0
    Luton 1

  6. Hi Wolfgang . Great Thanks.

  7. Hello Wolfgang,
    Long time no… write 🙂

    Bolton:Raymond Parry is not depicted in the roster
    Preston: James Humes is not depicted in the roster
    Fulham: Robin Lawler is indicated as Joseph frederick in the roster
    Leicester: Ian King is indicated as John aitken in the roster
    Blackburn: Mattwews Woods is indicated as Maurice in the roster
    Birmingham: Peter Murphy is not indicated in the roster
    Fulham: Goals counted 73 plus one own goal= 74 but in the final table are indicated as 73.
    West Ham: Upon adding the goals i find the sum to be 2 less than total in the final table.
    Wolves: Upon adding the goals i find the sum to be 2 less than total in the final table.
    Week 5:Newcastle vs Preston, scores are wrong, maybe minutes too?
    Week 10: West Ham vs West Brom, actual score 4-1. Additionally in the table, Everton Has played 10 games
    week 12:Leeds vs Everton 3-3, scorer of 3-3 and min ute is omitted!
    week 14: Burnley vs Man City: 3-1 to 4-3, 4 goals in 4 minutes????!!!!!!
    Week 33: Leeds vs Birmingham, first goal of Billy Bremner for Leeds
    week 33: Everton vs Chelsea, goal of Chelsea is missing
    Week 42: final table, a striking fact, sixth Bolton scoring 59 and conceding 51 goals, seventh Man Utd, scoring 102 and conceding 80 goals. 2nd best attack but even Luton had a better defense than Man Utd.

    Fantastic season season for Burnley and a well gained championship, snatched right from the clasp of tottenham and Wolves!


  8. Soon the same time span as for season 59-60.

    • What are you on about??? I am not doing this for you and I don’t care if it goes too slow for you. Do it yourself if you are so eager for this information. This is the last time I will reply to you. I am fed up with your bickering.

  9. Sorry, just a joke only…..Sorry

  10. Part 1 doesn’t download as a PDF as when I try opening it goes to blank html

  11. Hi Wolfgang,

    The file #1 now does download as a PDF, much thanks and it’s a wonderful site you’ve built, helping so many statisticians with those annoying little gaps in their records.

    Thank you

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